Garfaz Steelfur

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Garfaz Steelfur
Charr warrior.jpg
Affiliation The Oddbodies
Type Charr
Profession Warrior Warrior
Level(s) 20
Campaign Nightfall

Garfaz is a mighty Charr Warrior known for his powerful deeds...things you and I consider barbaric. He has destroyed garrisons, set Ascalon's villages to the torch, and stood alone against the best warriors in Tyria. Do you curse him for his actions? Be glad of them, for without him many of those here would already be dead.

When he first entered the Realm of Torment, he led a much greater band of Charr. They served the titans that his race worships in the living world. Demons, however, are notoriously ravenous. Seeing the souls of his Charr brothers devoured has caused Garfaz to switch sides...and we are lucky for it.

Archivist Zisthus, Gate of Torment




"Greetings, human! Have no fear! If we encounter demons you can hide behind me. They won't lay a claw on you!"