The Missing Patrol

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The Missing Patrol
Section Realm of Torment Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Commander Thurnis
in Gate of Torment
(Realm of Torment)
Followed by The Oddbodies
Type Secondary quest
The Missing Patrol map.jpg
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Quest information[edit]


  • Investigate the fate of the patrol under Captain Yithlis.
  • Defeat the attacking demons. Captain Yithlis must survive.
  • See Captain Yithlis for your reward.



Start from the Gate of Torment, pick up the Monolith bounty for the single monolith you'll encounter. Make your way directly to the quest marker, you will not encounter any groups apart from those surrounding Yithlis. Though appearing to be an easy quest, it can become complicated by the outnumbering spawns and nearby patrols. Try to clear the area of hostile groups (especially patrols) before approaching Captain Yithlis (entering aggro range will add his group to the party window and will spawn a group coming to attack you from the direction of the Gate of Torment). Do not talk to Captain Yithlis until all nearby attacking mobs have been defeated. After defeating the attacking groups, you can pick up the nearby Torment Bounty to the west.

Talking to Captain Yithlis will start the spawn of an additional 4 groups of tormented creatures (all approaching from the north). Protect the Captain from the torment creatures, his allies don't matter for the purpose of completing the quest, but will aid you against the tormented foes.

After defeating the spawning enemies, talk to Captain Yithlis for the reward - he will also offer you the next quest, which happens in the same area.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Commander Thurnis

"Demons assault us daily. Abaddon moves ever closer to freeing himself. Now one of my patrols has gone missing. This particular patrol, we call them the Oddbodies, is of questionable merit and ability, but I need every being who is willing to fight. Still, it would be foolish of me to throw more guards away in a failed rescue attempt when the lost scouts may already be dead."
"Perhaps you can find Captain Yithlis and his patrol? If you accept this task, speak to Archivist Zisthus: he may have some information that you will find valuable."
Yes Accept: "Captain Yithlis deserves the same loyalty as any other soldier. I'll find him and his patrol."
No Decline: "They're probably dead. Not much of a loss, though."
Ask Ask: "Find Captain Yithlis and his patrol...or what remains of them."

After meeting Captain Yithlis[edit]

Garfaz Steelfur: "This is as good a place as any to make a stand, Captain. Our new human allies are welcome to join us in the desperate fight. Yes, this is a good way to die."
Thenemi: "I'm not going to die here! Stop talking that way, Garfaz. How much gold do you have, stranger? Perhaps we can buy off these Margonites...."
The Lost: "I know my people. They will try to destroy us. We must not let them."
Igraine: "In other words, Thenemi, the demons might kill you. If one of my spells goes wrong, I might, too. Why not just fight?"
Captain Yithlis: "Quiet, my friends. This is a good place to make a stand. Yes, even you, Thenemi. Igraine, ready ice spells. Garfaz, front and center. You will be our wall. It is time."
Scout Ahktum: "On, no! They're coming! Run for your...I mean...fight for victory!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Captain Yithlis

"Hurrah! We wouldn't have survived without you, my friend. For what it's worth, you have the gratitude of the Oddbodies."




Demon (Torment creatures)