Faded Memory

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Faded Memory
Section Realm of Torment Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Wandering Soul
in Domain of Pain
(Realm of Torment)
Followed by A Fleshy Operation
Type Secondary quest
Faded Memory map.jpg
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Slay Flesh Gluttons, so that the Wandering Soul's memories will return to him.

Quest information[edit]


  • Slay Flesh Gluttons to help the Wandering Soul recover his memory. You have [5...0] of 5 left to kill.
  • See Wandering Soul for your reward.



Starting from Gate of Fear, travel to the most north-eastern shrine in the Domain of Pain, there you will find the Wandering Soul Jutu.

The Flesh Gluttons will spawn with a squad of Margonites in the Leech Tunnels, the triangle-shaped area around the three nearest resurrection shrines in the east. Consider clearing this area at first before accepting the quest if you have problems with dealing both the regular patrols and those from the quest.

The Flesh Glutton and the Margonites are technically two separate groups, so either part of the patrol can be pulled seperately if needed. When fighting the entire patrol it's advisable to kill the Margonites at first since a Flesh Glutton will spawn a Pain Titan which again will spawn two Madness Titans upon death.



Demons (Margonites)

Titans (arranged in spawning pattern order)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Wandering Soul
"Hey, could you help a wandering spirit out? All I remember is running through these disgusting fleshy tunnels...before that, a blank! They call this place the Leech Tunnels, because it is here that memories of the realm's spirits are devoured by Flesh Gluttons. I know, I know, the name disgusts me, too, but I've got a theory: if you slay these monstrosities, the essence they devour will be released back to their rightful owners...namely me! Would you kill some of these things for me? What have you got to lose?"
Yes Accept: "An undead mind is a terrible thing to waste."
No Decline: "Who are you again? I forgot."
Ask Ask: "Help me recover my memories by slaying Flesh Gluttons. They're the big, fat...um...fleshy ones."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

After killing the first Flesh Glutton.

Wandering Soul: "My name was... is... Jutu. And I was born in ... Arah. Or was it Ascalon? You'd better kill a few more of those things..."

After killing the second Flesh Glutton.

Wandering Soul: "I remember the Charr! I wish I didn't! Why did those wretched creatures attack my homeland?"

After killing the third Flesh Glutton.

Wandering Soul: "The Vizier of Orr had a plan. A magic that would kill the Charr..."

After killing the fourth Flesh Glutton.

Wandering Soul: "No wait! We discovered that the Vizier had been corrupted by the God of Secrets! We found the forbidden books in his quarters! It's coming back to me now."

After killing the fifth Flesh Glutton.

Wandering Soul: "The Vizier was a traitor! Too late, Orr was lost to Abaddon! Pain, suffering... why must the memories sear me like it was only yesterday?"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Wandering Soul
"Slowly... the way a Flesh Glutton crawls... my memories are returning. I am glad to have them back, even if it means reliving the pain of the Cataclysm, or the destruction and suffering of the Orrian people. Thank you, <character name>. I won't forget you."


  • Consider clearing the Leech Tunnels before accepting the subsequent quest A Fleshy Operation, since it will spawn groups of torment creatures.