All's Well That Ends Well

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All's Well That Ends Well
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Royal Food Taster Rendu
in The Kodash Bazaar
Preceded by Tihark Orchard
Followed by Warning Kehanni
Type Primary quest
Alls Well That Ends Well map.jpg
Route through The Mirror of Lyss and Resplendent Makuun

Attend the play that Bokka will be watching.

Quest information[edit]




After accepting the quest from Rendu, head North out of the Kodash Bazaar through The Mirror of Lyss and follow the map to Kehanni, who is just outside of the Grand Court of Sebelkeh. Before continuing, enter the Grand Court of Sebelkeh to save traveling time later.

Exit back into The Mirror of Lyss and head southeast to enter the Honur Hill outpost.

Follow the map through Resplendent Makuun to talk to Prince Bokka the Magnificent, and then follow the quest marker which leads to Bokka Amphitheatre. Head through the portal and watch the play until Ernald the Exact says "This is my favorite part." - at which point the actors reveal themselves to be a Kournan ambush.

Once you have defeated the Kournans, travel back to Honur Hill and talk to Royal Finance Minister Oluda for your reward and the next quest (if you want to see a cinematic, approach the exit to Resplendent Makuun before map travel).




Note: They are all initially friendly lvl 20 in both NM and HM until a quest trigger renames them and turns them hostile



Initial dialogue[edit]

Royal Food Taster Rendu
"Ah, yes! <Character name>! Vaughn the Venerable, the unknown-until-now Kournan playwright has graciously rented out the Bokka Amphitheatre from none other than the esteemed Bokka the Magnificent himself! He has a very special performance that he says will sweep Vabbi by storm. He specifically had invitations for you to a rehearsal for the upcoming performance. Will you attend?"
Yes Accept: "I love theatre! We need to talk to Kehanni first, though."
No Decline: "This sounds like a trap. Pass."
Ask Ask: "The amphitheatre is in the center of Resplendent Makuun."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

"Prince Bokka rented his theatre out to some Kournan upstart director? That just doesn't seem right. With Varesh's forces moving in under the guise of protecting the princes, there might be more to this than meets the eye. When it comes to picking performances for his venue, Prince Bokka is a persnickety one. It could be the perfect time to schmooze Bokka into helping the Istani fight Varesh."
Prince Bokka the Magnificent
"We will be safe under Varesh's guard. For the amount of platinum that this Venerable fellow paid me for the private use of my amphitheatre, I could use some extra protection! Too bad the Istani drained their coffers on that fool's errand of an attack. Anyone with two eyes could see that was bound to fail. Enough talk of business! Come; let us make haste to my amphitheatre. You are just in time to witness a very special advance performance. Introduce yourself to Vaughn!"
Vaughn the Venerable
"What is the story about? Well, I didn't want to write something about a hero overcoming any odds or any succeeding in the end. I guess you could say it is a traditional tragedy of epic proportions. It will take your...breath...away, if, er, when you get to the end."
In-game dialogue
Stefan the Sonorous: "Our story begins in the far-off land of Tyria in the grand city of Ascalon many years ago. We find our hero desperately scouring the countryside in search of a gift to give his beautiful fiance...."
Stefan the Sonorous: "But all was not well in the land of Ascalon. Evil had turned its eye to Tyria and sought to sow dissent. A sequence of events was set in motion that would lead to the fall of this great metropolis."
Stefan the Sonorous: "Events most dire had struck Ascalon and left it reeling. But the prince knew what he must do and was not afraid."
Vaughn the Venerable: "Let's cross the mountains and go to Kryta! They don't have Charr there!"
Freya the Firm: "Like, roarrrrrr!"
Vaughn the Vernerable: "Have at ye, scoundrel!"
Freya the Firm: ""Like, ouch."
Vaughn the Vernerable: "Quickly, my fellow Ascalons! [sic] We must depart while we still have our legs!"
Merkle the Muscular: "My son. Merkle displeased. You no longer prince of Ascalon. You no longer Merkle son!"
Vaughn the Venerable: "As a boy I spent much time in these lands. Look at them now. Just look at them!"
Prince Bokka the Magnificent: "How predictable."
Stefan the Sonorous: "So, striking off in search of his destiny and a new home for his people, the prince traveled across the Shiverpeak mountains [sic] and headed toward Kryta. The journey was difficult, long, and somewhat boring, but they persevered. Until..."
Ernald the Exact: "The stone summit [sic] will not yield the Frost Gate quietly."
Ernald the Exact: "Your punishment for trespassing is death! Death I say!"
Vaughn the Venerable: "Um...line?"
Stefan the Sonorous: "It's 'You cannot save me.'"
Stefan the Sonorous: "And so, the prince valiantly laid down his life for his people...."
Vaughn the Venerable: "I don't remember that being in my copy of the script.... Stop improvising, you troll!"
Prince Bokka the Magnificent: "This play is utter tripe!"
Vaughn the Venerable: "Ernald! Time for plan B!"
Merkle the Muscular: "Merkle like plan B. Merkle like smash! SMASH!"
Stefan the Sonorous: "And then the valiant Kournans smote the Istani interlopers with a righteous fury!"
Prince Bokka the Magnificent: "Wait, what?"
Ernald the Exact: "This is my favorite part."
Prince Bokka the Magnificent: "Oh dear!"
Prince Bokka the Magnificent: "Oh my, this is not good...not good at all! Varesh must have changed her mind! I must hurry to safety in Ahdashim!"
Prince Bokka the Magnificent: "I am quite sorry about this! I must leave right away! Please speak with Royal Finance Minister Oluda for a refund."

Cinematic dialogue[edit]

Norgu: "So what are we doing here?"
Goren: "We're delivering a message for Prince Bokka."
Norgu: "I mean, why us?"
Goren: "Bokka asked us to?"
Norgu: "Exactly my point! Why us? It's beneath us! I'm an actor! You' Why didn't he get some heroes?"
Goren: "I dunno. He didn't have any heroes around?"
Norgu: "And you know why that is? He drives them away! He's so sure that Warmarshal will protect him!"
Goren: "You think he's wrong?"
Norgu: "Why would Warmarshal Varesh send troops up here? Just to catch a couple of Sunspears? Please. There's not a Kournan within fifty miles of here!"
Goren: "Norgu?"
Norgu: "Yeah, Goren?"
Goren: "Do we run now?"
Norgu: "You bet. We run!"
<Both of them scream, but no subtitles appear.>

Reward dialogue[edit]

Royal Finance Minister Oluda
"How embarrassing! The esteemed Prince Bokka sends his apologies. He has since made haste to safer grounds but left this with me to give to you."


  • It is advisable, after talking to Kehanni, to proceed past her (to the northeast) and enter the Grand Court of Sebelkeh. This outpost will make later exploration, quests and missions easier to complete if you can map travel to this location. Outposts exist at each corner of The Mirror of Lyss and all are important to the storyline.
  • Tyrian players will recognize the play as a loosely told story of the events of Prophecies leading up to the refugees' arrival in Kryta