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Common armor is a type of armor that uses the same art for all professions. This includes the stand-alone pieces available in Eye of the North as well as any festival hat created before December 17, 2009.

Eye of the North armor art[edit]

Eye of the North common armor have the armor rating and bonuses equivalent to perfect basic armor for the profession, can be infused, and can be upgraded with runes and insignias


All headgear have the "Item's attribute +1 (Stacking)" bonus.

Bandana Blindfold Crown Dread Mask Highlander Woad
Bandana f.jpg Bandana m.jpg Blindfold f.jpg Blindfold m.jpg Crown f.jpg Crown m.jpg Dread Mask f.jpg Dread Mask m.jpg Highlander Woad f.jpg Highlander Woad m.jpg
Female Male Female Male Female Male Female Male Female Male
Mask of the Mo Zing Norn Woad Slim Spectacles Spectacles Tinted Spectacles
Mask of the Mo Zing f.jpg Mask of the Mo Zing m.jpg Norn Woad f.jpg Norn Woad m.jpg Slim Spectacles f.jpg Slim Spectacles m.jpg Spectacles f.png Spectacles m.jpg Tinted Spectacles f.jpg Tinted Spectacles m.jpg
Female Male Female Male Female Male Female Male Female Male

Gauntlets / gloves[edit]

Similar to all Mesmer gloves, all common armor gauntlets and gloves only come up to the wrist on Mesmers.

Chaos Gloves Destroyer Gauntlets Dragon Gauntlets Glacial Gauntlets Stone Gauntlets
Chaos Gloves f.jpg Chaos Gloves m.jpg Destroyer Gauntlets f.jpg Destroyer Gauntlets m.jpg Dragon Gauntlets f.jpg Dragon Gauntlets m.jpg Glacial Gauntlets f.jpg Glacial Gauntlets m.jpg Stone Gauntlets f.jpg Stone Gauntlets m.jpg
Female Male Female Male Female Male Female Male Female Male


  • Before the December 17, 2009 update, festival hats used your character's headgear slot. They had an armor rating of 0 and could be infused and upgraded with runes, some of them, such as the Mummy Mask, even had an insignia slot until then. Now, festival hats are Costume headpieces, and effectively fit on top of your armor, but visually remove and replace whatever your normal armor headpiece is.
    • Festival hats that were created prior to that update are still able to be worn in the headgear slot.

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