Mask of the Mo Zing

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Mask of the Mo Zing
Profession Any Any-tango-icon-20.png
Campaign Eye of the North
PvP reward class Fancy
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The Mask of the Mo Zing can be obtained from Vael inside Grothmar Wardowns (right outside of Longeye's Ledge) for 250 Superb Charr Carvings. It has an Item's Attribute +1 bonus.


Dye affects the entire mask. Pink dye will cause it to appear red.

Mask of the Mo Zing dye chart.jpg


Clipping with beard
Bug Bug.The mask has several clipping issues, since it sticks to one's face. In particular, beards and earrings clip through the headgear.


  • In Guild Wars, a Mo Zing is a masterless assassin. Zenmai is one such assassin.
  • This headgear resembles the two pieces of cloth wrapped around the head ninjas wore as part of the ninja attire depicted in popular culture, although real world ninjas did not wear such outfits.

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