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Spell targeting prevention is a game mechanic that some enchantments possess; these enchantments make it impossible to be targeted by hostile spells (all spells for Vow of Silence).

Skills that prevent spell targeting[edit]

See also: List of enchantment removal skills#Skills that can remove enchantments that prevent spell targeting
IconNameDescriptionEnergyActivation timeRecharge timeProf.AttributeCampaign
Aegis (PvP).jpg Aegis (PvP) Enchantment Spell. (1...3...3 seconds). Target party member cannot be targeted by hostile spells. Attacks against this party member fail. Cannot self-target. 0 1010 Tango-energy.png 00.250.25¼ Tango-activation-darker.png 03030 Tango-recharge-darker.png monkaMonkProtection PrayersZ Core
Obsidian Flesh.jpg Obsidian Flesh Elite Enchantment Spell. (8...18...20 seconds.) You have +20 armor and enemy spells cannot target you. You cannot attack and have -2 energy degeneration. 0 2525 Tango-energy.png 01.001 Tango-activation-darker.png 03030 Tango-recharge-darker.png elementalistaElementalistEarth MagicZ Core
Shadow Form.jpg Shadow Form Elite Enchantment Spell. (5...18...21 seconds.) Enemy spells cannot target you. Gain 5 damage reduction for each Assassin enchantment on you. You cannot deal more than 5...21...25 damage with a single skill or attack. 0 055 Tango-energy.png 01.001 Tango-activation-darker.png 03030 Tango-recharge-darker.png assassinaAssassinShadow ArtsZ Factions
Spell Breaker.jpg Spell Breaker Elite Enchantment Spell. (5...15...17 seconds.) Target ally cannot be the target of enemy spells. 0 1515 Tango-energy.png 01.001 Tango-activation-darker.png 04545 Tango-recharge-darker.png monkaMonkDivine FavorZ Core
Spell Shield.jpg Spell Shield Enchantment Spell. (5...17...20 seconds.) While casting spells, you cannot be the target of spells. End effect: your skills are disabled (10...6...5 seconds). 0 1010 Tango-energy.png 02.002 Tango-activation-darker.png 03030 Tango-recharge-darker.png monkaMonkDivine FavorZ Factions
Vow of Silence.jpg Vow of Silence Elite Enchantment Spell. (5...9...10 seconds.) Spells cannot target you. You cannot cast spells. 0 055 Tango-energy.png 00.250.25¼ Tango-activation-darker.png 01010 Tango-recharge-darker.png dervishaDervishMysticismZ Nightfall