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This page serves as an overview for commonly run missions, dungeons, and quests.


  • Bloodstone Fen (Bonus only)
    • Since the bonus involves not killing the Guardians, running can be of help to quickly complete it and then get to the end of the mission. The runner would typically awaken all the druids themself and then would run to point B on the map. The bonus does not need other players to be alive or follow the runner, as the cutscene activated once at B both revives and teleports the party to the runners location.
  • Aurora Glade (Bonus only)
    • At the end of the mission, use of a runner is helpful in completing the bonus. The runner could cause the White Mantle runner and the attending patrol to follow a set pattern for which the human party can predict and quickly dispatch. The runner first caps the nearest point (north west) and then quickly goes to the north east point, but doesn't cap it until the white mantle runner is enroute to the NW point. The Human party, parked right above the NW point on the hills and ramp down to it, dispatches the attending patrol for the white mantle runner but doesn't kill then white mantle runner himself. The runner then goes to the NW point with another crystal to cap it and does so right away, and the sequence repeats. If done properly, the human party can dispatch 4-5 white mantle at a time without risking aggro on the entire white mantle group.
  • Sanctum Cay (usually without Bonus)
    • This mission is commonly run since it requires no fighting and leads the party to the Crystal Desert. A runner can carry the Scepter to the Vizier and keep foes away from him while he summons the boat. The bonus can be completed the same way but it slows the run.
  • Elona Reach (with Bonus)
    • As it involves no fighting at all, both the mission and the bonus can be entirely done by a runner carrying the Crystal Shards to the elonian priests and to the ghostly hero, the main hindrances being cripple from Hamstring and Splinter Mines and knock down from the spell Earthquake.
  • Iron Mines of Moladune (Infusion only)
    • A runner travels the long and winding path to the Seer, and the group skips the cutscene. The group then talks to the seer, slays the Eidolon and returns the Spectral Essence to the Seer. If the runner is to be paid, they sometimes pick up the spectral essence when it drops so that they can ensure payment by all members before continuing. The mission can still be completed afterwards.


  • Unwaking Waters
    • With a certain high damage team build with heavy pressure, Kuunavang can be brought down to very low health triggering the showdown at Harvest temple skipping all of the mobs to that point. The showdown can occur as early as the first encounter with Kuunavang, even on Hardmode.
  • Imperial Sanctum
    • Shiro can be killed in roughly a minute by dedicated runners, saving players without any grasp of the techniques required to kill him. The run is usually paid for in the Divine Path.
  • Chasing Zenmai
    • With this quest active, and another certain quest (can be multiple different ones), it is easy to complete a vanquish of Bukdek Byway.


  • Horde of Darkness
    • A Character with Junundu Siege can run a player who hasn't yet obtained the skill by killing the Horde of Darkness right outside of Bone Palace. This run saves the player time when they are trying to quickly complete Nightfall.
  • Ruins of Morah
    • The two forms of Varesh can be quickly defeated by a runner and an appropriate trio of heroes. The run is usually paid for between killing the forms of Varesh.

Eye of the North[edit]