A Meeting With the Emperor

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A Meeting With the Emperor
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Emperor's Voice
in Zin Ku Corridor
(Kaineng City)
Preceded by Tahnnakai Temple
Followed by The Count's Daughter
Type Primary quest

Return to Tahnnakai Temple for a meeting with the emperor, who will provide instructions for what to do next.

Quest information[edit]


  • Speak with the emperor.
  • See Emperor's Voice for your reward.





Most normal spawns are removed.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Emperor's Voice
Emperor Kisu wishes to speak with you. When he received word that Shiro was within the city walls, he ordered the Imperial Army to surround the area. He is in the temple now seeking counsel from the spirits ensconced there, and he awaits your arrival.
Yes Accept: "I'll go to him now."
No Decline: "I need a moment."
Ask Ask: "The emperor awaits you inside the temple. Do not keep him waiting."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Master Togo
"...the time you disobeyed me and went after the bandit? I ordered you to confine yourself to the monastery, but you were having none of it."
Master Togo
"Your father had warned me of your hot-headedness, but that was the first time it manifested between us."
Brother Mhenlo
"Haha...but not the last. Yes, my father thought the monastery might whip me into shape."
Master Togo
"Was he wrong, your father?"
Brother Mhenlo
"No, Master Togo, he wasn't. You taught me to find a middle ground between Dwayna and Balthazar."
Master Togo
"The teacher can do nothing if the student's eyes are closed, but yours were open, Mhenlo. You wanted to learn."
Emperor Kisu
Shiro's purpose was to bind these heroic spirits into magical constructs and bend them to his will. If he had been successful, he would undoubtedly have become much more powerful. Once again, young hero, the empire finds itself in your debt.
I have spoken with Vizu and learned much from her. I believe I can help you gain access to the artifacts of which she spoke. Count Petrov zu Heltzer of the Kurzicks has sent his people here to begin arbitrating annual terms of war between his people and the Luxons. I will attend to that, and while I do, you will take the opportunity to speak with his daughter, who is traveling with them. If she were made to understand the importance of our mission, I believe she would persuade her father to help us. Find my attendant, the one known as the Emperor's Voice, and he will give you further instructions.

Reward dialogue[edit]

Emperor's Voice
The emperor is a very wise man. You should take his advice and seek out Danika. It sounds like she might become a very valuable ally in the future.


Route to the 2 foes active in the zone during this quest
  • Master Togo and Mhenlo will not be in the allies section of your party window when you zone into the Temple. To trigger their dialogue, move back to the portal and hug the wall until they are added to your party. After a few moments they will start talking. You miss out on their dialogue in this quest if you fail to do this. This does not affect quest progress.
  • This quest will allow players to vanquish Tahnnakai Temple by killing only 2 Temple Guardians, as long as any other enemies do not enter compass range in the process.