A Time for Heroes

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a primary quest. This name is also used for a Zaishen mission quest.
A Time for Heroes
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Section Primary Dwarf Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by High Priest Alkar
in Central Transfer Chamber
(Depths of Tyria)
Part of Against the Destroyers
Preceded by Destruction's Depths
Type Primary quest Repeatable quest

Find and defeat the Great Destroyer to halt the Destroyers' attacks on the Dwarven forces.

Quest information[edit]


  • Defeat the Great Destroyer.



Great Destroyer[edit]

To defeat the Great Destroyer, first learn its skills:

The Great Destroyer skills Description
Call of Destruction Call of Destruction Summons a group of Destroyers.
Enraged Blast Enraged Blast When interrupted, emits a blast of Energy that knocks down all foes within earshot and deals 115 damage.
Flame Jet Flame Jet (Hard mode only) A jet of lava shoots out to target foe dealing 600 damage. If that foe is under the effects of an enchantment, the damage is halved.
Lava Blast Lava Blast Lava surges upward, knocking down all foes standing in lava and dealing 75 damage.
Lava Ground Lava Ground Creates a giant blast that melts earth into lava.
Lava Wave Lava Wave Sends out a wave of lava that deals 100 fire damage to all Burning foes. While submerged in lava, the Great Destroyer gains 10 Health regeneration and is immune to all damage. Lava Wave ends after 12 seconds or if all other Destroyers are destroyed.
Searing Breath Searing Breath Breathes a cone of fire that hits foes for 80 fire damage and 40 more fire damage for each enchantment on them. All Destroyers in the affected area are healed for 80 Health.

A successful method to complete this quest is to stay on the shore while killing the three Destroyer of Lives in the three pools nearby the entrance, then have everyone move back to the shore. Wait there until the Great Destroyer uses Lava Ground enough to dry the lava pool where the furthest Destroyer of Lives was (a player will need to move to the closest pool to trigger the Great Destroyer's skills). Once the pool dries have everyone run up to the pool and fight there.

  • Searing Breath can deal major damage to low-armor rating party members. To prevent this, have a member with higher armor rating engage the Great Destroyer and turn him so he is facing away from the rest of the party. This way only one member is affected by this skill.
  • Should you choose to bring interrupts, be careful in when they are used due to Enraged Blast's effects. Call of Destruction and Lava Ground may be the only two skills worth interrupting due to the damage you can suffer by not doing so. Despite Enraged Blast's quick cast time, it is actually interruptable too, but interrupting Enraged Blast will result in another Enraged Blast being activated.

Aggravate the Great Destroyer so he will attack your party on this plate. If it uses Lava Wave turn your attention temporarily to other Destroyers until it rises back up. Continue until the Great Destroyer is defeated.

Skill recommendations[edit]




Boss-like foes[edit]



Initial dialogue[edit]

"In every age there are heroes and villains, victors and vanquisher, saviors and destroyers. You stand today at a precipice between the past and the future, facing a choice with effects that will ripple throughout time. Become the stuff of legends, or one of history's forgotten. May the future hold a world where your exploits this day are told as an inspirational tale of courage, persistence and hope. Go now. Meet the Great Destroyer, and may the gods smile on us all."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

High Priest Alkar
"Long have I studied the Tome of Rubicon and the lore of the Great Destroyer. Never did I expect to see the Great Destroyer surface in my lifetime."
Continue: We plan to strike the Great Destroyer head on.
"Without the power of the Great Dwarf, your attack has little chance of success. However, given the size of your party, you may be able to slip through. Will you continue with this plan?"
Accept: The Great Destroyer must be stopped. There is no other way.
Decline: I should reconsider my options.
First time using Lava Ground
Party member: "Everyone, keep to the hardened lava or you'll burn to death!"
First time using Lava Wave
Party member: "We can't hurt him while he is defensive. Kill his minions!"
First time interrupted
Party member: "Interrupts enrage him! Use them wisely."


Anomaly Anomaly.The lava in this mission does not cause the Crippled condition.
Bug Bug. While A Time for Heroes is in your quest log, you will keep receiving an announcement each time you go the Central Transfer Chamber, "Quest Added: A Time For Heroes". This continues until you complete the quest.

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