Blood Washes Blood

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a primary quest. This name is also used for a Zaishen mission quest. For the explorable area, see Bjora Marches.
Blood Washes Blood
Blood Washes Blood page.jpg
Section Primary Norn Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Bear Spirit
in Jaga Moraine
(Far Shiverpeaks)
Part of Northern Allies
Preceded by Flames of the Bear Spirit
Followed by A Hunter's Pride
Type Primary quest Repeatable quest
Blood Washes Blood map.jpg
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Charr infest Jora's ancestral lands like a blight on the landscape, devouring her family honor as the locust devour the farmer's crops. With the strength of the bear spirit, remove this infestation and help Jora reclaim her homestead as well as her honor.

Quest information[edit]


  • It is possible to enter the mission with just one person meeting the requirement, but anyone else will not receive any credit for mission completion.


  • Light the sacred altar. Lead the bear spirit into Bjora Marches to cleanse Jora's homestead.
  • Accompany Bear on the mountain pilgrimage to the Shrine of the Bear Spirit.
  • Defeat the Charr forces surrounding the Shrine of the Bear Spirit.
  • Receive the Ursan Blessing [sic] from the Shrine of the Bear Spirit.
  • Use the bear spirit skill, Ursan Force, to break down the Charr barricades.
  • Kill the Charr in Jora's homestead. [5...0] group[s] remaining.
  • Receive Ursan Blessing [sic] from Egil.



The map shows the starting point as the entrance to Bjora Marches from Jaga Moraine. Go to Jaga Moraine (shortest is if you leave from Sifhalla) and meet Egil Fireteller in his small home in the center of the area. From there, lead him to the Sacred Altar in the southern part. When you arrive at the altar, you will be ordered to capture it. You do this by having more allies at the altar than enemies (just like Control points in Hero Tutorial). The capturing process is made harder by the swarms of Arctic Nightmares that storm the shrine, but as they deal no damage to the party, they should be easy to get rid of. Once you have captured the altar (the bar has completely filled with blue), the Bear Spirit will appear. Talk to her and she will direct you to go through the portal to the Bjora Marches for the next part of the quest.

  • Fight your way to the Shrine of the Bear Spirit and kill the 3 Charr groups around it.
  • Talk to the Shrine of the Bear Spirit to get Ursan Aura.
  • Fight your way to one of the three barricade paths.
  • Use Ursan Force to break through barricades.
  • Kill the Charr groups on Jora's homeland.


To add the quest to your log, talk to either:

  • The Bear Spirit in Jaga Moraine (after capturing the sacred altar)
  • The Scrying Pool in Hall of Monuments (select I seek guidance option)

You can skip some steps after the first time your character completes the quest. The following route is the most efficient:

  • Have someone in your party equip Ursan Blessing.
  • Leave from Longeye's Ledge.
  • Run to Jaga Moraine, avoiding aggro there and in Bjora Marches.
  • Don't move after crossing the portal to Jaga Moraine. Use the mission map to flag one or more heroes or henches to the Sacred Altar (quest objective) to claim it without a fight. Alternatively, when doing the mission without heroes, stand near the edge of the shrine but do NOT cross the quest marker as it will spawn foes. Wait a few minutes until you get a morale boost then run to the bear spirit.
  • Talk to the Bear Spirit and return to Bjora, but skip the Shrine of the Bear Spirit
  • Instead, head South towards the Mandragors (avoiding them or not).
  • Go East, towards the southern-most barricade; use Ursan Force to break through it.
  • Head to the final enclosure (marked with a flag) and kill the groups required to complete the mission.

These tips are generally useful if repeating the quest:

  • Taking Ursan Blessing allows you to skip claiming the Bear Spirit Shrine; it isn't as powerful as Ursan Aura, but it is sufficient.
  • There's no need to speak to Egil or to kill Arctic Nightmares; you can go straight to the Sacred Shrine to speak with the Bear Spirit.
  • You need one of the Ursan skills to break through the barricades, but you only need to kill the Charr in the final enclosure, which is closest to the southern-most barricade.










Initial dialogue[edit]

Bear Spirit

"Bear regards you gravely. If you are prepared to cleanse Jora's homestead of the Charr taint, then you must lead her into Bjora Marches"
Yes Accept: "The Charr are as good as dead. I will lead the way."
No Decline: "I need time to prepare."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Upon entering Bjora Marches

Egil Fireteller: "The Charr are formidable, but with Bear's blessing you will defeat them."
Egil Fireteller: "Up these mountains, we will find a shrine that holds great power."
<Party leader>: "How will this shrine help us defeat the Charr?"
Egil Fireteller: "The shrine channels Bear's strength into those it deems worthy. Lead us there, and Bear shall bestow this blessing upon you for the coming fight."

Getting close to the shrine

Egil Fireteller: "The shrine amplifies and focuses Bear's power. Stand your ground while I perform the blessing."
<Party leader>: "Hold fast! The Charr are coming!"

After equipping Ursan Aura

Egil Fireteller: "It is done. The spirit infuses you with Bear's power."
Egil Fireteller: "Call forth Bear's strength! Unleash the beast within you and let its fury purge the Charr from these lands!"
<Party leader>: "We will cleanse the land. No Charr shall escape our wrath."
<Party leader>: "Clear the Charr from this camp! Leave none standing!"


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