Hero Tutorial

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Hero Tutorial
Section Far Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Burol Ironfist
in Boreal Station
(Far Shiverpeaks)
Preceded by The Beginning of the End
Type Secondary quest
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Learn how to use flag placement to move your heroes around and capture control points.

Quest information[edit]


  • Speak to Burol Ironfist while you have a Hero in your party to begin the Hero tutorial.
  • Use your Hero to capture area one.
  • Use your Hero to capture areas two and three.
  • Order your Hero to return to area one.
  • See Burol Ironfist [Hero Tutorial] for your reward.


Take this to Arkor Leadfoot in Boreal Station to receive a weapon of your choosing.


The quest takes place at a small instanced area. You will on top of a small platform with no way down. Your heroes will be at the foot of the platform. Any henchmen in your party will be removed.

Burol's monologue will start but you can go ahead and use the flag to direct your heroes to the first pillar marked "Area One". When they are near it, the progress bar on your screen will slowly turn blue. It is captured when it is completely blue. Eventually Burol will tell you to move your heroes to "Area One" and then to "Area Two" and "Area Three". When that part of the quest dialogue appears, three level 5 Snow Wolves will appear at the base of each of the latter two areas. Your heroes will make short work of them. Once all three areas are captured and the enemies dispatched, move them back to "Area One" to complete to quest. Claim your reward when you return to Boreal Station.





Charmable animals


Control points


Initial dialogue[edit]

Burol Ironfist

I'm here to help ye learn how to control your Heroes. Ye'll learn how to command a Hero to move to different locations and pick up some of the basics of Hero battling. If ye want to go through me Hero tutorial, make sure ye have at least one Hero in yer party. Ye'll also need to remove any other players from yer party. Fer yer sake, I'll do me best to drop me accent during yer training so there'll be no misunderstandintween us, m'kay?

Yes Accept: "I'm ready to learn more about Heroes."
No Decline: "What the heck did "ye" just say?"
Ask Ask: "Ye have no hero[sic] in your party. Ye can't take me tutorial until ye add a Hero to yer party that's under yer control."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Burol Ironfist

You and yer Heroes will be moved to the tutorial location. Are ye sure ye're ready?

Yes Yes. (sent to Hero Tutorial)
No No.
Burol Ironfist [Hero Tutorial]
"Do ye see...ahem...Do YOU see the three areas around you? You need to control these areas. By issuing commands to your squad during this training sessions, you will capture each area under different circumstances."
Burol Ironfist [Hero Tutorial]
"You must destroy all enemies surrounding an area to being capturing it. Moving your squad outside the area will halt the capture process."
Burol Ironfist [Hero Tutorial]
"Use target flags to move your Heroes. These flags let you select a position in the world for your Heroes. Ye...I mean, you...will find up to four flag buttons attached to your compass."
Burol Ironfist [Hero Tutorial]
"To place a flag, click on the flag button and then click on the compass or somewhere in the world. Placing a flag causes the Hero to regard that location as "home.""
Burol Ironfist [Hero Tutorial]
"Keep in mind that while Heroes move to a new location they will not execute any skill commands until after they reach the flag unless that flag is canceled or overridden."

On placing a flag:

Burol Ironfist [Hero Tutorial]
"Now use your squad to capture area one."

On capturing area one:

Burol Ironfist [Hero Tutorial]
"Now use your squad to capture areas two and three."

On capturing all areas:

Burol Ironfist [Hero Tutorial]
"Now return your squad to area one."

On return of heroes to area one:

Burol Ironfist [Hero Tutorial]
"Well done! Ye've passed me Hero tutorial. Now I can stop speaking in "your" silly accent, human. Gots to wash me mouth out with some ale. Speak to me back in the outpost if ye wish to know more about your Heroes."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Burol Ironfist
Good job! If ye need to know more about Heroes, feel free to come back and bug me.


  • On completion of the quest, you will be returned to Boreal Station after 30 seconds.
  • Even though it's destroyed the Asuran Gate is still shown active.
  • Obtaining a drop from the wolves (ie. festive drops) will open the Unclaimed Items interface when you're warped back to the Boreal Station.