A Hunter's Pride

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A Hunter's Pride
Section Far Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Hogni Truthseeker
in Drakkar Lake
(Far Shiverpeaks)
Preceded by Blood Washes Blood
Type Secondary quest
A Hunters Pride map.jpg
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Help Hogni Truthseeker test some young Norn warriors by luring a large polar bear to them.

Quest information[edit]


  • Travel to Jaga Moraine and track down the polar bear.
  • Take the hunter's honey.
  • Use the bear to drive the hunters away. You have driven away [0-5] of 5 hunters.
  • See Hogni Truthseeker for your reward.



Travel to Jaga Moraine from Sifhalla and head for the Branch with Honey (location 1 on the map) near one of the resurrection shrines. Carry the branch to the hunter group (location 2 on the map). The hunters will run away when the bear approaches. Return to Hogni for your reward.

  • The bear can be killed by foes in the area and if it dies, you have to rezone and start over. To avoid this, drop the honey branch in a safe area (e.g. near Egil's Perch) and clear a path to the hunters. The bear will wait for your return; pick up the branch again so that it follows you to the hunters.
  • The bear can get trapped in corners; be careful not to lead it into one.
  • Quest is fully runable from Olafstead, using a build that includes running skills and an anti-cripple and/or KD skill.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Hogni Truthseeker

"Most humans believe strength is merely the means to shape or to break. The Norn understand that strength comes not just from the body, but from the spirit. The bear is the symbol of strength, resolve, and pride of power. Our strength leads us to overcome every challenge, not because we can but because we must. I wonder how much of that you humans truly understand.
A group of our younger warriors, who think themselves great hunters, are nearby, filled with bravado and ale. They seek a mighty bear to prove themselves and earn their names. I plan to grant their wish...with a hunt they will not soon forget.
Honey is rare in these parts, and all bears love it. No doubt, if they are hunting they stashed away a bit of honey attract the bear to their location. Now, within Jaga Moraine lies a particularly large polar bear. Take their honey, find this bear, and lure the bear to these brave young hunters. Let us test their mettle and see if they are Norn truly worthy of their names."
Yes Accept: "Let's see if they're smarter than the average bear."
No Decline: "I do not wish to meddle in the affairs of Norn."
Ask Ask: "Jaga Moraine lies to the north. Time wasted is one less deed written into history."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

When in the area of Nafni, Bran, Skeggi, Brosa and Dagfinn:

Bran: "There's barely any bears for us to hunt!"
Brosa: "Barely any bears? Ha. Bran, you are a mountain of mirth and wit!"
Skeggi: "His words are as sharp as arrows!"
Dagfinn: "Sharp as arrows? That sounds like a line from a song!"
Nafni: "Ha ha! Let us write a new song, then!"
Brosa: "I'll start. Brenton, Brenton, his words as sharp as arrows.... He, ah, what rhymes with arrows?"
Dagfinn: "Sparrows?"
Bran: "We are far too mighty to hunt sparrows!"
Skeggi: "What about barrows? He sends bears to their barrows?"
Dagfinn: "How about, "his blade rends bone and marrow.""
Nafni: "Naw. I've got it. His wordssh as ssharp as arrows, he's really...really great. *hic*""
Brosa: "That doesn't rhyme at all! Are you drunk?"
Nafni: "No. No. No... Yes!"
Skeggi: "Good idea, Nafni! Drinking will help our creativity!"
Bran: "Well, another round for us all!"
Bran: "Ah, the frozen white Shiverpeaks! The bears here are finer that anywheres."
Skeggi: "We live in a hunter's paradise! Let us drink to our homeland, and its heroes!"
Dagfinn: "Say fellos, you know what we need?"
Brosa: "What's that?"
Dagfinn: "We need a skald! Someone who will follow us and write tales of our epic deeds!"
Nafni: "Our deeds are indeed epic. Epic...deeds...indeed! *hic* Ha ha!"
Skeggi: "Only the greatest skald would suffice. No common tavern rube is fit to sing of Bran's exploits!"
Brosa: "Where would we find such a man?"
Bran: "Heroes don't find skalds. Skalds find heroes...and follow them of their own accord."
Nafni: "Then we must have another hunt, the *hic* greatest hunt we're ever undertaken!"
Bran: "Hmm. What shall we slay, fellows?"
Skeggi: "A possum!"
Nafni: "Yes. A possum! Wait *hic* that doesn't sound very epic."
Skeggi: "It could be. A possom bit me once."
Dagfinn: "Really? Where?"
Skeggi: "Right on my.... Oh, in the forest. It really hurt. Couldn't sit for a week."
Dagfinn: "Oh. Well. Have another round to soothe the pain...of old memories!"
Brosa: "Aye, that's more like it. A few more of these and I'm sure adventure will soon follow!"
Nafni: "And women, too!"
Bran: "Here's to our land, where the bears are big, and the women are bigger!"
Nafni: "And just as bad tempered.... All the more reason to drink, I say."
(if nothing has occurred, the dialogue continues from the beginning)

When Skeggi is running away:

Skeggi: "Ahh! Don't eat me! I don't really hunt bears. I just like to drink and sing!"

When Dagfinn is running away:

Dagfinn: "The ale is gone! I'm not running away...I'm running toward more ale, that's it! Ha ha!"

When Nafni is running away:

Nafni: "I, um, need to be drunk somewhere else.... very, very drunk, somewhere far, far away!"

When Brosa is running away:

Brosa: "My life...flashing before my eyes.... Gudda! I should have asked you to dance. I think I'll go do that. Right now."

When Bran is running away:

Bran: "Bear! Big...bear! I, uh, can't hunt without an audience. I'll go find one. Now!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Hogni Truthseeker

"Do you now understand what separates a hunter from his prey? A true Norn never turns away from danger, never flees before a challenge. We will not back down. That is true strength of the spirit. If you are to survive in these lands, to face the perils that lie ahead, you would do well to learn the same."





  • The accept response references Yogi Bear's catch phrase.
  • The refuse response paraphrases Gandalf's line from Lord of the Rings, "Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards."
  • Bran's dialogue while running away is similar to something John Candy's character says near the end of the movie The Great Outdoors.