Slavers' Exile

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Slavers' Exile
Slavers' Exile page.jpg
Campaign Eye of the North
Region Depths of Tyria
Type Dungeon
Levels 5
Reward chest Hierophant's Chest
Required quest The Last Hierophant
Party size 8
Exit(s) Verdant Cascades
From Umbral Grotto to Slavers' Exile.jpg
Getting there from Umbral Grotto.
Slavers' Exile map.jpg
Entrance level
(craft Destroyer Weapons here).
Forgewight dungeon map.jpg
Forgewight's level.
Justiciar Thommis dungeon map.jpg
Justiciar Thommis's level.
Selvetarm dungeon map.jpg
Selvetarm's level.
Duncan the Black level
Duncan the Black's level.

Filled with refugees from abroad, Slaver's [sic] Exile is a dangerous place, indeed. The death of the Great Destroyer left a power vacuum, prompting a Stone Summit Hierophant to step forward in the hopes of taking control. A group of short-sighted Norn anxiously await the inevitable conflict to satisfy their bloodlust.

Master Dungeon Guide

Slavers' Exile is Guild Wars' sole elite dungeon. The entrance is located in the southeastern corner of Verdant Cascades, and the dungeon can only be entered by teams that have at least one person who has completed A Time For Heroes.


The following Zaishen Quests take place here:


Interactive objects[edit]


Hidden objects[edit]

No one has ever discovered Hidden Treasures using the Light of Deldrimor in any of the levels.




Class Level Name Dungeon Bosses Level
Normal mode Hard mode Duncan the Black Selvetarm Forgewight Justiciar Thommis
Necromancer 28 30 Restless Dead (Spiteful Spirit version) Yes No Yes Hard Mode Only No
AssassinNecromancer 28 30 Restless Dead (Shadow Prison version) Yes Yes Yes Hard Mode Only Yes
Ritualist 22 26 Spirit of Disenchantment Yes Yes No Yes
Ritualist 22 26 Spirit of Pain Yes Yes No Yes
Ritualist 22 26 Spirit of Recuperation Yes Yes No Yes
Ritualist 22 26 Spirit of Shadowsong Yes Yes No Yes
Warrior 20 26 Modniir Berserker No No No Yes
Ranger 20 26 Modniir Hunter No No No Yes
Monk 20 26 Modniir Priest No No No Yes
Assassin 28 30 Wretched Wolf Yes No No Yes
Warrior 24 26 Stone Summit Pounder Yes Yes Yes Yes
WarriorElementalist 24 26 Stone Summit Demolisher Yes Yes Yes Yes
WarriorParagon 24 26 Stone Summit Cleaver Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ranger 24 26 Stone Summit Marksman Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ranger 24 26 Stone Summit Distracter Yes Yes Yes Yes
MonkMesmer 24 26 Stone Summit Defender Yes Yes Yes Yes
MonkElementalist 24 26 Stone Summit Priest Yes Yes Yes Yes
NecromancerElementalist 24 28 Stone Summit Blasphemer Yes Yes Yes Yes
NecromancerMonk 24 26 Stone Summit Contaminator Yes Yes Yes Yes
MesmerMonk 24 26 Stone Summit Dominator Yes Yes Yes Yes
MesmerElementalistMonk 24 26 Stone Summit Dreamer Yes Yes Yes Yes
ElementalistMesmer 24 26 Stone Summit Warder Yes Yes Yes Yes
RitualistNecromancer 24 26 Stone Summit Summoner Yes Yes Yes Yes
DervishNecromancer 24 26 Stone Summit Zealot Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dervish 20 26 Crypt Slasher No Yes No No
Monk 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 26 Chained Cleric No Yes No No
Mesmer 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 26 Crypt Wraith No Yes No No
Necromancer 20, 21, 22 26 Zombie Necromancer No Yes No No
Necromancer 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 26 Zombie Horseman No Yes No No
Ranger 21, 22, 23, 24 30 Decayed Dragon No Yes No No
Warrior 21, 22, 24 26 Zombie Brute No Yes No No
Elementalist 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 26 Shock Phantom No Yes No No
Mesmer 20 26 Anguished Hecatomb No No Yes No
Mesmer 20 26 Roaring Ether No No Yes No
Elementalist 24 26 Burning Spirit No No Yes No
Elementalist 24 26 Flowstone Elemental No No Yes No
Ritualist 24 26 Forge Imp No No Yes No

First level[edit]



Forgewight's level[edit]

Boss-like foes[edit]

Forgewight's level[edit]
Selvetarm's level[edit]
Justiciar Thommis' level[edit]
Duncan the Black's level[edit]


  • See The Last Hierophant for a walkthrough of that quest.
  • At least one party member must have completed EotN, otherwise Frida Unmoven will block the entrance.
  • This dungeon has five named levels: an entrance level, three intermediate levels (can be completed in any order or mode), and a final level. The intermediate and final levels are connected to the initial level.
  • You may complete the dungeon in multiple trips, since you can leave after defeating any of the boss-like foes on the quest list without losing your progress in The Last Hierophant.
    • You cannot enter Duncan's level until every party member has killed his henchmen (the other four boss-like foes) in the three intermediate levels.
    • You get Hard mode credit for this dungeon by killing Duncan at that difficulty level; the sub-bosses may still be killed in normal mode. This makes it easier to get credit for your Master of the North title and/or Master Dungeon Guide book.
    • If you failed to claim the reward from the Hierophant's Chest (either by exiting or wiping), you must start over.
  • The Spirits of Disenchantment, Pain and Shadowsong have 15 Communing in Normal Mode.
  • Bring Frozen Soil to counter the resurrection skills of the Stone Summit Dwarves.

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