Wretched Wolf

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Wretched Wolf
Plant Wolf.jpg
Affiliation Depths of Tyria wildlife
Type Skelk
Profession Assassin Assassin
Level(s) 28 (30)
Campaign Eye of the North

The Wretched Wolf is a creature that roams about on the first level of Slaver's Exile. It begins as an ally but occasionally turns into an enemy and attacks the Norn Guards, who yell insults at it, or the party itself. When it is almost dead it turns into an ally and heals. It is unknown where it came from, what it's doing, or where it is.



Armor ratings[edit]

Armor ratings
Blunt damage 94 Piercing damage 94 Slashing damage 94
Cold damage 94 Earth damage 94 Fire damage 94 Lightning damage 94

Items dropped[edit]