Ooze Pit

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Ooze Pit
Ooze Pit page.jpg
Campaign Eye of the North
Region Depths of Tyria
Type Dungeon
Levels 1
Reward chest Prismatic Chest
Required quest Watch it Jiggle
Party size 8
Exit(s) Grothmar Wardowns
Ooze pit route.jpg
Getting there from Longeye's Ledge
Ooze Pit Level 1.jpg
A map of this single level dungeon.
Yellow star: Pressure Plate
Yellow door: Pressure Plate Door
Red key: Boss Key
Red door: Boss Lock.
Ooze Pit simple route.jpg
A simple version of the route.

The earthquakes allowed numerous creatures, some previously unknown to man, to rise from the depths. Disgusting membranous creatures of fluid and phlegm are one such anomaly to arrive. At a loss for words, most adventurers simply call them "oozes." These highly adaptable creatures mutate and thrive in all manner of environments, including the intense heat of molten earth. Their adaptability goes far beyond simple survival. Oozes get more than simple sustenance from feeding on their prey. They assume the magical abilities inherent in the creatures they ingest. There is no telling how many creatures... and humans... may linger in an ooze, giving it access to a huge variety of powers. As a result, elder oozes are far more dangerous than their young. As testament to the tenacity of the human race, some merchants specialize in trading for the jelly-like creatures. The oozes' applications in magic, medicine, and alchemy are far-reaching.

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Hidden objects[edit]

Hidden objects are revealed using Light of Deldrimor.

Charmable animals[edit]






Boss-like foes[edit]




  • 1,000 Deldrimor reputation points are awarded for completing this dungeon for the first time in normal mode, and 500 points are awarded for subsequent completions (as long as you are below Rank 8). 1500 Deldrimor reputation points are awarded for completing this dungeon in hard mode for the first time, and 750 points are awarded for subsequent completions.
  • Some Ooze may drop Unstable Gelatinous Material bundles.
  • The area in the northwest of the map that contains two Albino Rats is not accessible.


Gw2logo.png The Guild Wars 2 Wiki has an article on The Ooze Pit.
The ooze groups
  • The 13 oozes in Gloop's group and the neighboring mob are arranged so that they form the numbers 3 and 1 on the compass. The lyrics of Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) by The Offspring include the line, "He asked for a 13 / but they drew a 31."

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