Hidden Treasure

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Hidden Treasure
Collector chest.jpg
Affiliation Deldrimor
Type Chest
Level(s) 1 (20)
Campaign Eye of the North

Hidden Treasures are invisible chests in dungeons that can only be revealed by using the Light of Deldrimor. They contain gold, a rare crafting material, a Dungeon Map, or a Lockpick. Similar to chests, each player character can use a treasure once per visit. Unlike Treasures, these chests do not have a reset time.


Depths of Tyria



"You take what was hidden."
"You have already taken the treasure."


  • Each treasure spawns randomly within a short radius of a fixed point, so check each dungeon article for specific locations.
  • The Light of Deldrimor will create a small ball of light to mark the location of all unrevealed treasures within compass range. This light disappears after around a minute, but you can re-expose the location by re-using the skill.
  • The value of the treasure is correlated with the depth of the dungeon level and whether you are in hard or normal mode:
    • First level treasures contain dungeon maps or cash only.
    • Treasure on deeper levels can also contain rare crafting material or a lockpick.
    • The amount of cash varies from as little 25–100Gold (in normal mode on the first level) to as high as 100–300Gold (deeper levels in hard mode). Cash is always deposited directly into a character's inventory.
    • Five rare materials have never been observed to drop: Amber Chunks, Elonian Leather Squares, Globs of Ectoplasm, Jadeite Shards, or Obsidian Shards.
  • Hidden Treasures on deeper levels appear to be larger.


  • The November 3, 2011 game update fixed a bug that prevented hidden treasures from appearing under various circumstances, including failing to spawn if discovered shortly after entering a level or not discovered on first use of the skill. Some treasures never spawned. Since the fix, all possible treasures now spawn; for example, now you can find around 10 treasures on the third level of Oola's Lab compared to typically finding only five or six in the past.