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Found in the Depths of Tyria region of Guild Wars: Eye of the North, a dungeon is a series of locations bound together by a single quest; ArenaNet describes them as chained instances, in which you must complete the requirements of each lower level before proceeding to the next. As with any linked explorable areas, characters maintain their Death Penalty/Morale Boost as they move lower down into the dungeon. Although you can choose to exit the first level through the entrance portal, once you reach the deeper levels, you must map travel or resign to leave. Exiting resets any progress you have made.

List of dungeons[edit]

# Dungeon Lvs End Boss(es) or Boss-like Foe(s) Chest Entrance Quest(s) Faction First Next Weapons exclusive to reward chest
1 Catacombs of Kathandrax 3 Ilsundur, Lord of Fire Chest of Kathandrax Charr Homelands: Sacnoth Valley (Southeast) Kathandrax's Crusher Vanguard 1500 750 Astral Staff, Emerald Blade
2 Rragar's Menagerie 3 Rragar Maneater,
Hidesplitter's Chest Charr Homelands: Sacnoth Valley (Southwest) Veiled Threat
The Hunting of the Charr5
Vanguard 3000 1500 Dryad Bow, Goldhorn Staff
3 Cathedral of Flames 3 Murakai, Lady of the Night Murakai's Chest Charr Homelands: Doomlore Shrine (teleported by Gron Fierceclaw during quest) Temple of the Damned Vanguard 1500 750 Notched Blade
4 Ooze Pit 1 3x Prismatic Ooze Prismatic Chest Charr Homelands: Grothmar Wardowns Watch it Jiggle Dwarf 1000 500 Cerulean Edge, Chrysocola Staff
5 Darkrime Delves 3 Havok Soulwail Havok's Chest Far Shiverpeaks: Bjora Marches (North) The Misanthropic Jotun Principle Norn 1500 750 Cobalt Staff, Violet Edge
6 Frostmaw's Burrows 5 Frostmaw the Kinslayer Chest of Burrows Far Shiverpeaks: Jaga Moraine (North) Cold Vengeance Norn 3000 1500 Bonecage Scythe, Demoncrest Spear, Demon Fangs, Icicle Staff, Silverwing Recurve Bow, Tentacle Scythe
7 Sepulchre of Dragrimmar 2 Remnant of Antiquities Dragrimmar Chest Far Shiverpeaks: Drakkar Lake (Northwest) The Anvil of Dragrimmar
Anything You Can Do3
Dwarf 1500 750 Turquoise Staff
8 Raven's Point 3 Plague of Destruction Destroyer Chest Far Shiverpeaks: Varajar Fells (Northwest) Defending the Breach
Shadows in the Night5
Norn 1500 750 Aureate Blade, Eaglecrest Axe, Wingcrest Maul
9 Vloxen Excavations 3 Zoldark the Unholy Zoldark's Chest Tarnished Coast: Umbral Grotto (Southwest) or Vlox's Falls (Northeast) Dredging the Depths Dwarf 1500 750
10 Bogroot Growths 2 Khabuus or
Z'him Monns
Bogroot Chest Tarnished Coast: Sparkfly Swamp (Northeast) Giriff's War1 or
Tekks's War1
Asura 1000 500 Emerald Edge, Frog Scepter, Moldavite Staff
11 Bloodstone Caves 3 Eldritch Ettin Eldritch Chest Tarnished Coast: Sparkfly Swamp (East) Crystal Method
The Arrow's Point2
The Blade's Essence2
Dwarf 1500 750 Ancient Moss Staff, Topaz Scepter
12 Shards of Orr 3 Fendi Nin Fendi's Chest Tarnished Coast: Arbor Bay (South) Lost Souls Asura 3000 1500 Bone Dragon Staff, Golden Hammer, Suntouched Staff
13 Oola's Lab 3 TPS Regulator Golem Oola's Chest Tarnished Coast: Magus Stones (West) Little Workshop of Horrors Asura 500 250 Clockwork Scythe, Crystal Flame Staff, Signet Shield, Steelhead Scythe, Storm Daggers
14 Arachni's Haunt 2 Arachni Arachni's Spoils Tarnished Coast: Magus Stones (South West) Scrambled Reinforcements Asura 1500 750 Insectoid Scythe, Insectoid Staff
15 Slavers' Exile (elite) 5 Forgewight,
Justiciar Thommis,
Rand Stormweaver,
Duncan the Black
4x Chest of the Slaver
Hierophant's Chest
Tarnished Coast: Verdant Cascades (Southeast) The Last Hierophant Norn 5000 2500
16 Fronis Irontoe's Lair 1 Fronis Irontoe Irontoe's Chest Far Shiverpeaks: Gunnar's Hold (teleported by Kilroy Stonekin during the quest) Kilroy Stonekin's Punch-Out Extravaganza! Dwarf 500 250
17 Secret Lair of the Snowmen 1 Freezie Chest of Wintersday Past Tarnished Coast: Umbral Grotto (teleported by Koris Deeprunner during quest) Lost Treasure of King Hundar Dwarf 500 250
18 Heart of the Shiverpeaks 3 Cyndr the Mountain Heart or
Mountain Heart Chest Depths of Tyria: Battledepths (South) or Depths of Tyria: Bogroot Growths (East) Heart of the Shiverpeaks4 Dwarf 1500 750 Embercrest Staff
  1. Only one of these quests is required to receive credit for completing the dungeon, and the two quests cannot be done at the same time, as Giriff and Tekks will not accompany the party at the same time. Khabuus is encountered if Giriff's War is active, Z'him Monns is encountered if Tekk's War is active.
  2. The Arrow's Point and The Blade's Essence are non-repeatable, and do not require completion of the dungeon.
  3. One of the objectives for Anything You Can Do is on the first level of this dungeon, but it is not relevant for the dungeon's completion.
  4. The Heart of the Shiverpeaks quest is non-repeatable, but is not necessary to complete the dungeon afterward. Cyndr the Mountain Heart is encountered if this quest is active for any party member. Magmus is encountered if this quest is not active.
  5. The objective for this quest appears on the first level of this dungeon when the quest is active, but it is not relevant for the dungeon's completion.

Other weapons from reward chests[edit]

These weapons may be found in multiple dungeons


  • Before completing a dungeon make sure you have a Master Dungeon Guide with you. Filling the entries in it will allow you to redeem reputation points to either the Asura, Norn, Ebon Vanguard or Deldrimor titles upon delivering it to the proper NPC. See Master Dungeon Guide for more information.
  • Completing a dungeon in Hard mode gives 50% more reputation points than in Normal mode.
  • A three minute timer starts once everyone uses the chest at the end of the dungeon. When this timer expires, the party will be returned to the original location of the quest giver (except in parts of Slaver's Exile).
  • If you have not completed a dungeon in either normal or Hard mode it will show up on your main map with a wooden door icon. After completion this icon will change to an opened treasure chest.
  • Beacons of Droknar appear at nearly all Resurrection Shrines in dungeons and provides the Dwarven Raider blessing.
Bug Bug.If the party wipes after the three-minute timer starts, the timer will disappear from the screen. However, the party will be teleported on schedule.