Defending the Breach

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Defending the Breach
Section Depths of Tyria Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Olrun Olafdottir
in Varajar Fells
(Depths of Tyria)
Preceded by A Gate Too Far
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest
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Raven Dungeon Level 2.jpg
Raven Dungeon Level 3 A.jpg
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Journey into Raven's Point with Engineer Xapp to save Captain Sargen and his unit from the Destroyers led by Plague of Destruction.

Quest information[edit]




Captain Sargen's unit is located within Level 3 of the Raven's Point dungeon.

There are many places throughout the levels where there are flame braziers, which must be lit to open the doors. One is always lit. A chest will spawn after defeating an Ancient Vaettir, and spawns a torch that you can light the other braziers with. Keep in mind that any torch can be used and thus carrying just one torch through the level is sufficient.

In the first level, you need to defeat the Reaper of Destruction, which is a dervish boss, and several Destroyers that will spawn around it to get the dungeon key. You must kill all the Destroyers (including the ones that have not spawned behind the boss yet, if the boss is lured) for the dungeon key to drop. You also can summon a Dwarven Ghost if you have Light of Deldrimor close to where you pick up the area map. There are two hidden treasures in the exit area with the drakes.

At the second level, the dungeon key is located in the western portion. When you pick up the key, several Destroyers will spawn between your party and the dungeon gate. There is a potentially frustrating section on this level that requires you to light a torch, run past a gauntlet of ice-jet traps, and then light another pair of braziers (in order to make a bridge appear). It is possible to do this without a speed boost skill, but it is advised to bring one. With or without, you may have to try this several times before you succeed. This can be accomplished simply by running between the ice wall and the ice-jet traps (behind them). There is enough space to run behind them when they are on and down the middle of the chamber when they turn off.

The third level is very short. You will notice a group of Dwarves, and they will be attacked by several waves of Destroyers coming from all sides. Survive the waves, and the end boss, the Plague of Destruction will show up at the end of it. Kill it to clear the dungeon, and pick up your reward from the Destroyer Chest. Note that surviving the waves of Destroyers is generally harder than defeating the Plague of Destruction.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Olrun Olafdottir

"Hail, friend! King Jalis sent a unit of Dwarves to clear the Destroyers out of Raven's Point, but they've run into some trouble. Their engineer, an annoying little Asura named Xapp, flew out of the caverns like a bat out of Grenth's hall, screaming about how Captain Sargen's unit was under siege by Destroyers. I knew sending little ones in to do big Norn work was no better than sending cows to slaughter, but Dwarves can be quite stubborn. I can't leave my post and my father is not...erm...battle-ready at the moment. Could you lead Xapp back to his unit, kill the Destroyers, and rescue Captain Sargen's unit? The engineer is waiting just inside Raven's Point."
Yes Accept: "Dead Destroyers, good. Cows to slaughter, bad. Got it."
No Decline: "Why do I get the feeling I'm the cow?"
Ask Ask: "Find Captain Sargen and his unit in Raven's Point. Engineer Xapp can help you find them."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Upon reaching the Shrine of the Raven Spirit

Engineer Xapp: "How utterly fascinating! Those enormous savages have fabricated something quite remarkable. Could this structure, perchance, be drawing the attention and ire of the Destroyers?"
Engineer Xapp: "If my postulations are precise and this sanctuary is, indeed, a rallying point for invading Destroyers, then we shall need to expedite our descent. Otherwise, Captain Sargen's group shall be caught betwixt and between."
Engineer Xapp: "Regrettably, the conundrum of what draws the Destroyers here must await another day. Every Dwarf we save today puts another obstacle between me and danger tomorrow"

Upon reaching Captain Sargen

Engineer Xapp: "Meritorious! The breach, at last. Now fortify our defenses to within tolerable parameters."
Captain Sargen: "It's good to see a friendly face. There's a lot more Destroyers than we were led to believe. We've been fighting night and...well, down here...more night."
Engineer Xapp: "Cease your incessant jabbering, you miniscule-eared dolts. Did you not hear that? The Destroyers are coming!"
Captain Sargen: "Let our hammers speak for us, then. Dwarves! To arms!"
Engineer Xapp: "Entrust the broken traps to me. I shall consign you to impede the Destroyers. Even primitive bipeds have a use."

After defeating the last wave of Destroyers

Captain Sargen: "That battle was well most anyway. This small one is more talk than action, I dare say. But, we appreciate your aid. We can handle the rest."
Engineer Xapp: "I take solace in the knowledge that my tribulations are coming to an end. For lesser beings, your performance was...acceptable. Now, let us exeunt!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Olrun Olafdottir

"You've done well, friend. With luck, and some strong Dwarven arms, we'll be able to deal with these Destroyers permanently!"


  • A speed boost can make it easier to run torches (especially on level 2), but you can manage without one.
  • You generally can drop the Unlit Torches after opening a passageway as there are several chests containing new unlit torches that you can find along the way.
  • Once you kill the Reaper of Destruction on level 2, your route to the exit will fill with spawns of destroyers.
    • If you are having trouble, you can run away from the destroyers and wait for nearby ice traps or remaining foes to weaken the groups enough for you to finish off the rest.
  • Destroyers are resistant to fire damage and immune to Burning. Several foes here (Elementals and Nightmares) are not fleshy.
  • If you save the northeastern group of Dwarves then they will patrol towards Captain Sargen's unit - potentially helping your group engage with the Destroyers.
Bug Bug.The quest log could update itself as "Completed" after killing the waves of Destroyers but not the Plague of Destruction.