Engineer Xapp

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Engineer Xapp
Engineer Xapp
Affiliation Asura
Type Asura
Profession Mesmer Mesmer
Level(s) 24
Campaign Eye of the North
Engineer Xapp map.jpg
Engineer Xapp's loction in Varajar Fells.

Engineer Xapp is an asura enlisted by King Jalis Ironhammer to clear help clear the Destroyers out of Raven's Point.



Crippling Anguish Crippling Anguish (elite)


Raven's Point[edit]

"Most curious! This domain is filled with defensive traps long since deactivated by the Norn. I am sure I can get them up and running."
"I can rebuild this. I have the technology." (near inoperative Ice Dart Traps)
"Reconstructing this device should be exceedingly simple...for me, at any rate." (near inoperative Ice Dart Traps)
"A crystal here, some essence there, a little mage wheel...Destroyers beware!" (near inoperative Ice Dart Traps)


  • Xapp will follow you throughout Raven's Point, but does not engage in combat.