The Misanthropic Jotun Principle

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The Misanthropic Jotun Principle
Section Depths of Tyria Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Einarr Frostcleft
in Bjora Marches
(Depths of Tyria)
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest
The Misanthropic Jotun Principle Level 1.jpg
The Misanthropic Jotun Principle Level 2.jpg
The Misanthropic Jotun Principle Level 3.jpg
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Einarr Frostcleft tells you to seek out a large jotun in Darkrime Delves and kill it.

Quest information[edit]


  • Seek the great jotun living within Darkrime Delves.
  • Find the source of the roar heard from below.
  • Find a way to kill the giant jotun.
  • See Einarr Frostcleft for your reward.



Level 1

Close to the start of the level, a massive snowball will be sent towards you but can be easily avoided by keeping close to the right hand wall. Go southwest through the opening and follow the map to the Dwarven Powder keg station - grab a keg and blow up the southern door. Follow the right wall, and then kill the Havok-kin you encounter, who drops a key. Blow up the ice wall with the keg, kill the Jotun group, and then unlock the gate with the key. Either cross the near bridge if it is down, or head north to the other bridge to cross the chasm. There will be groups of Vaettir that popup. Continue south and then pull the lever to lower the bridge - cross it and pickup the key (be careful not to harm yourself by triggering the Ice Jet traps). More Vaettir spawns will appear on the cleared path after pulling the lever. Backtrack and unlock the gate, and then continue to the portal.

Level 2

Follow the path down the ramp until the terrain changes and you are in a dark room with a Cracked Wall opposite. A group of Jotun including a warrior boss will charge in. Take the middle route in the next room - and then avoid the two giant snowballs that roll down the hill. Kill the Jotun at the far end and then proceed slowly into the next room to deal with the Chromatic Drakes. Another Jotun boss awaits at the southern end of the room. Keep heading south and lure small groups of Jotun out of the room until you can pull Grelk Icelash out - killing it provides the key to level 2. Backtrack north, unlock the gate and proceed. Hard mode features an additional Havok-kin boss prior to the exit gate.

Level 3

Head south and then loop back into the boss room where there are loads of stationary Jotun. Lure Jotun out until you can pull Havok Soulwail - kill her and then swoop in for the reward chest.

Skill recommendations[edit]


Preliminary dialogue[edit]

Einarr Frostcleft
"By the bear, did I not make myself clear? A threat this great requires an equally great warrior...and who better than he who has slain the great two-headed troll of the Seer'ahr swamps?"
Kolgrim Bainwight
"Is that the best kill you can claim? Bah. A mere rodent nibbling at the heels of the great beasts I have slain. While you defeated a single creature with but two heads, I killed twice and twice again that number of deadly warbling hemlock devourers."
Einarr Frostcleft
"Warbling? ... What? How could any beast with a name reserved for birds be ferocious?"
Kolgrim Bainwight
"Your lack of wisdom only proves I should fight the great jotun. A warbling hemlock devourer can kill with a single sting...but that is nothing to the keening wail they emit. To even hear the sound ring across the mountains has driven lesser men insane."
Einarr Frostcleft
"Your prattling is enough to drive me insane. Stand aside and allow me to fell this beast, or I shall be forced to whet my weapon's appetite on your thick skull first."

Initial dialogue[edit]

Einarr Frostcleft
"What's that? Is someone talking to me? Ah, look down, Kolgrim. We have an audience. You humans are so...small. Hardly worth noticing.
Be quiet while the big folks talk. Jotun attacks have increased of late, and now a great jotun rampages through the mountains terrorizing the young. We must decide who is more fit to slay the ferocious beast dwelling deep within Darkrime Delves. Today I plan to send this great jotun to the afterlife. Everyone knows I am the greater warrior. But I fear the beast will die of old age before I've convinced this aged fool of that simple truth."
Yes Accept: "There's no need to argue. I shall slay the beast for you."
No Decline: "Ferocious and rampaging, you say?"
Ask Ask: "Don't tell us you've lost your nerve? If you don't hunt down the great jotun, we'll go into Darkrime Delves and slay it for you. And then we'll laugh at you."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Einarr Frostcleft
"That sword belonged to my father. Hand it over!"
Kolgrim Bainwight
"Your father was a trapper. He didn't even use a sword. It belonged to a great mother."

Einarr Frostcleft
"Great hunter? The only thing your mother ever caught was a cold!"
Kolgrim Bainwight
"You arrogant lout! My mother was a hero!"

Kolgrim Bainwight
"Oh no, little hunter! I think you annoyed its mother."

Einarr Frostcleft
"Your mother was a coward. She even ran away from the shadow of her own bear form!"
Kolgrim Bainwight
"Now you're in for it! Those are fighting words!"

Kolgrim Bainwight
"Hmm.... You lived. I may need to take back some of the things I said about you."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Einarr Frostcleft
"Back already? Hah! By the spirit of the bear, I'm not surprised. Even young Norn have returned, screaming, from their first encounter with a jotun.
What's that? You've slain the beast? Remarkable! I would never have believed it possible. Your stature belies your prowess, hero. You possess the strength of a Norn to be sure.
Truth be told, Kolgrim and I wagered on how long it would take before you ran out of the cave with your tails between your legs, begging for our help. Seems we both lost. It looks like the winnings belong to you!"


  • It's best to wait until the timer ends after opening the dungeon chest. You will be brought back next to Einarr Frostcleft, allowing you take the reward.
  • It is possible to pull each individual Jotun from around Havok Soulwail without aggroing her directly.
  • It's also possible to pull Havok Soulwail (after killing some Jotuns in front of her). Simply use a longbow/flatbow and shoot her several times until he hits you with melee attacks.


  • While in the Darkrime Delves during this quest, Einarr Frostcleft and Kolgrim Bainwight cannot be targeted by foes and do not attack, take damage nor use any skills.
  • Upon completion of the Darkrime Delves portion of this quest, you end up in the Bjora Marches, just outside Volsung's Stead.
  • Ironically, when you go to talk to Einarr to claim your reward for this quest, he and Kolgrim start the beginning dialogue again.
  • When using Light of Deldrimor, the secret switch found in the Southern end of the third level opens the door found East of the boss room.
Anomaly Anomaly. The "Reward dialogue" ignores the fact that Einarr accompanies your party in Darkrime Delves during the quest and was present when your party kills Havok Soulwail.