Einarr Frostcleft

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Einarr Frostcleft
Einarr Frostcleft.jpg
Affiliation Not specified
Type Norn
Profession Paragon Paragon
Level(s) 20 (20)
Campaign Eye of the North
Volsung's Stead map.jpg
Location in Bjora Marches

Einarr Frostcleft is located at the very northwestern corner of Bjora Marches along with Klakki the Squire, Kolgrim Bainwight, and Volsung Irongut.




Quests given:


"Look within and you will find the potential of a great warrior. Look before you and see the realization."


In Darkrime Delves:

"Aim higher! You nearly chopped its feet off that time!"
"Come here, let me show you how to wield that."
"I used to be an adventurer as well, but that life holds no challenge for me anymore."
"It isn't every day a human hunts in Norn lands."
"It's not hard to insult a Norn. Now, living through the apology...that's somewhat more difficult."
"Sorry, Dwarf! No...? Well, you're all so small, I get you confused."
"Tell me, what's the greatest beast you've every fought? I'm looking for a challenge."
"Well, I suppose it was difficult. For you, at least."