Kolgrim Bainwight

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Kolgrim Bainwight
Kolgrim Bainwight.jpg
Affiliation Not specified
Type Norn
Profession Warrior Warrior
Level(s) 20 (20)
Campaign Eye of the North
Volsung's Stead map.jpg
Location in Bjora Marches

Kolgrim Bainwight is located at the very northwestern corner of Bjora Marches along with Einarr Frostcleft, Klakki the Squire, and Volsung Irongut. He provides some information regarding the dungeon quest The Misanthropic Jotun Principle.




In Bjora Marches without The Misanthropic Jotun Principle active or in Darkrime Delves:

"Can you feel the stirrings on the wind, little one? The jotuns are raiding! Today is a good day to hunt!"

With The Misanthropic Jotun Principle active:

"Come, little warrior. Ask your questions. Reap the knowledge of a seasoned hunter."
You said jotun attacks have increased?
"Bah! The jotuns aren't usually much of a threat...except to young, headstrong-but-"arm weak" Warriors seeking to prove themselves. But, the spirits of the winds have driven the beasts into a frenzy of late. They raid further and further into our lands, as if repelled from their caves by some malignant force. Not that we mind if they bring the hunt to us. We are still the hunters and they are still the prey."
Tell me about the behavior of jotuns.
"Their behavior? They are little more than animals. They have no behavior besides killing and eating. Some are just intelligent enough to speak, but even those are little more than hairy, smelly brutes. They fight well, and by the bear spirit, we respect their strength. But these beasts are too simple-minded to be more than a diversion, not a true challenge. Jotuns are like crows, after a fashion...their small brains easily distracted by shiny objects. On more than one occasion the jotuns raided our camps for lanterns. We're still not sure why."
Does the great jotun have any weaknesses?
"A good hammer to the face makes anything weak. But perhaps you need more help than that. Hmm. I do have this story to offer:
A great beast attacked a Norn camp recently and several young warriors confronted it. They were wet behind the ears, filled with more ego than experience, and yet they wounded the monster well enough. Then the beast became enraged. Amused by its pain, the warriors laughed, which set the beast upon them even more fiercely. Anyone who laughed at the great jotun found it charging at them full of teeth and claws. In the end, the beast's rage was more than those young warriors could handle. Several were mortally wounded before it tired of toying with them and fled. My advice? Find some way to survive until its rage subsides."


In Darkrime Delves:

"Don't worry about it! It's not every day you pick up your first weapon! ... What?"
"Don't worry, human, you can do it!"
"Good shot, fledgling! You very nearly hit!"
"Few children could do better. You should be proud!"
"Nice! Keep this up and someone might mistake you for an adult."
"Now that was a mighty blow! Did the creature hurt you?"


  • Wight is a word often used in literature to refer to an undead or wraithlike creature, similar to a vaettir. Bain may be an intentional misspelling of the word bane which often means someone's enemy, leading to a strong possibility that Bainwight refers to someone who is a bane to wights or fights wights.