Bone Dragon Staff

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Bone Dragon Staff
Bone Dragon Staff.jpg
Type Staff
Campaign(s) Eye of the North
Divine Favor
Healing Prayers
Protection Prayers
Smiting Prayers
Blood Magic
Death Magic
Soul Reaping
Domination Magic
Fast Casting
Illusion Magic
Inspiration Magic
Air Magic
Earth Magic
Energy Storage
Fire Magic
Water Magic
Channeling Magic
Restoration Magic
Spawning Power
Damage type(s) Dependent on attribute
Common salvage Bones
Inventory icon Bone Dragon Staff.png

The Bone Dragon Staff is a rare staff which drops only from Fendi's Chest, after completing the Shards of Orr dungeon.


Eye of the North


A profile of the head of the staff.

Dye affects the entire staff, except for the heart. The default color can be closely replicated using brown dye.

Bone Dragon Staff dye chart.jpg


  • This weapon is based on one of the winning designs, that of Rebecca Sinclair, from the Design-a-Weapon Contest held in 2007.
  • With high shader quality on, blood seems to be running up the heart of the staff.
  • The name of this staff is commonly abbreviated to BDS.
The concept art for this staff