Shadows in the Night

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Shadows in the Night
Section Far Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Hogni Truthseeker
in Drakkar Lake
(Far Shiverpeaks)
Preceded by A Gate Too Far
Type Secondary quest
Shadows in the Night Map.jpg
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Find your challenge within Raven's Point.

Quest information[edit]




Start from Olafstead and head north-west to the entrance of Raven's Point dungeon. Head inside, where you will find the Shadow Spawn surrounded by mobs of Shadow Vaettir, Mist Vaettir and Stormcloud Incubus.

The Vaettir and Incubus can easily be pulled away from the Shadow Spawn and defeated before taking it on. Once the creature is defeated, return to Hogni Truthseeker.

Do not talk to Olaf (at Olafstead), since he will redirect your party to a different primary quest in the same dungeon. Olrun Olafdottir, at the entrance to this dungeon, offers an additional secondary quest, which does not interfere with this quest.





Initial dialogue[edit]

Hogni Truthseeker

"We Norn have a saying: "Strength is life, but strength counts for nothing without wisdom." A darting rabbit can render the hawk's strength useless. But the raven understands the power of patience and the virtue of foresight. The raven scans the world around it, constantly seeking its next meal, never knowing if food will appear in the light of day or deep amongst the shadows. The raven represents knowledge, the ultimate skill of the patient hunter. If you seek to prove your skills as a hunter, head to Raven's Point.
I hear Raven's voice on the wind; he speaks of a creature hiding in the shadows. But beware, this beast cannot be felled by strength alone. You will need the patience of Raven to meet this challenge, unles you wish to dart through the shadows like a scared, little rabbit. Do this and I shall grant you the Raven Blessing."
Yes Accept: "The hunt is on!"
No Decline: "I think you're stark, raven mad."
Ask Ask: "You will find your challenge within Raven's Point. Does fear slow your steps?"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Hogni Truthseeker

"Ah, you have returned. Did you learn from this experience? Every victory comes from fighting on your terms. Once you have mastered the art of the hunt, all that your eyes survey will be nothing more than prey to you. You have a ways to go yet, little human, but you will get there... with the help of the spirits."