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Watch it Jiggle
Section Depths of Tyria Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Seer Fiercereign
in Dalada Uplands
(Depths of Tyria)
Preceded by What Must Be Done
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest
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Your Charr allies need explosive materials for their Siege Devourers. Head into the Ooze Pit in order to obtain some.

Quest information[edit]




After accepting the quest from Seer Fiercereign, map to Longeye's Ledge and head for the Ooze Pit in Grothmar Wardowns. Your party can fight its way there or a single character can run there by carefully waiting out the patrols along the way (go east from Longeye's, cross the bridge, and then head south to the dungeon).

Nearly every foe in the pit is a jelly, each of which can deal powerful area of effect (AoE) damage. Many of the jellies will split into two identical foes using Ooze Division: each new foe has the same build as the parent, but half the health; this makes them easier to kill, but allows mobs to deal twice as much damage. Be careful to keep spread out or use a tank to ball up the oozes away from the party. Beware of the rolling boulders that appear at several locations in the dungeon.

At the beginning, the route is obvious: go west briefly and then head north until you get to the first pressure plate. (You can leave it closed while tackling the oozes on the other side.) Once through the gate, you need to kill Gloop to get the Boss Key. There are several possible routes to Gloop, some of which require opening a gate via another pressure plate and some which require breaking down Cracked Walls with Unstable Gelatinous Material, a bundle dropped by some of the dungeon's jellies.

If you follow the route on the map (which bypasses the second pressure plate and second gate), you will approach Gloop from the north and requires a Unstable Gelatinous Material to break down a Cracked Wall. Pull and destroy the nearby oozes before tackling that boss; several can be pulled one at a time or in pairs but there is one larger group. Gloop can be pulled without engaging the four Oozes behind the boss. If you approach Gloop from the southeast (via the second gate using the second pressure plate), you can pull Gloop without having to deal with any other foes. Afterward, retrace your steps and then head to the Boss Lock to reach the final room in the dungeon.

The end-battle requires defeating three Prismatic Oozes, each of which spawns around a dozen new oozes when it dies. In addition, the boss-like foes use Gelatinous Absorption to turn damage into healing.

  • Pre-cast protections and enchantments before aggroing the group.
  • Focus on one ooze at a time; call the target to make this easier players and so that heroes and henchmen react more quickly.
  • Switch targets as soon as you notice an ooze start to heal quickly.
  • After each Prismatic Ooze dies, you have a few seconds to regroup or retreat to prevent getting overwhelmed by the jellies that spawn afterward.

Killing the third Prismatic Ooze will cause the Prismatic Chest to spawn, which will drop the Prismatic Gelatinous Material that Seer Fiercereign requested.

Skill recommendations[edit]


Initial dialogue[edit]

Seer Fiercereign
"Pyre charged me with guarding our base and overseeing the siege weapons. The problem is, we're extremely low on ammunition! I've been using gelatinous material from the oozes inhabiting a nearby cave. That stuff is nasty. It sticks to everything and burns forever. I love to watch it burn.... Anyway, it's nearly impossible to transport the gelatinous material of the average ooze without disaster. I lost a lot of troops trying. But we finally found one type of ooze that works fairly well. The prismatic form is stable enough to move most of the time. Bring me gelatinous material from prismatic oozes. Then I should be able to cause a ruckus."
Yes Accept: "Time to get sticky!"
No Decline: "What do you mean by "most of the time"?"
Ask Ask: "Bring me the gelatinous material from prismatic oozes. It's the perfect ammo for my siege equipment."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Anytime one goes near a cracked wall:

<Party leader>: "Unstable material from the oozes should blast this open."

When one goes near a pressure plate:

<Party leader>: "It looks like this pressure plate is hooked to some sort of door mechanism."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Seer Fiercereign
"Ah, just what I needed. I'm impressed, human. You're not dead. Well done. In a race of mostly worthless creatures, I suppose there must be one or two exceptions. Here, I've filled this barrel with some of the ooze. Load the siege weapon and hold on to your entrails!"


  • Letting the timer run out, after all players open the chest, returns the party to Dalada Uplands next to Seer Fiercereign.
  • If someone in your party doesn't have the quest, Seer Fiercereign won't appear in the Dalada Uplands, so you won't be able to claim your reward.
  • When Seer Fiercereign does appear, anyone can claim the reward if they have the quest item, regardless of whether they completed the dungeon.
    • This can give easy experience for the Survivor title track. Simply getting the gelatin via trade and turning it in gives lots of experience without risk of death.


  • Seer's reference to the jelly's ooze sticking to everything and burning forever could be a reference to napthenic and palmitic acids, the thickening agent used to coagulate ordinary gasoline into a jelly substance, making it more difficult to remove.
  • The quest name is likely a reference to the old Jello commercials of the 80's.