Boss Key

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Boss Key
Boss Key.jpg
Rarity Varies
Type Quest Item
Value Can't be sold
Stackable Yes
Campaign Eye of the North
Boss Key.jpg

Many Eye of the North Dungeons have a Boss Lock that requires a Boss Key to open. These keys will drop from a specific boss when killed. The location of the boss with the key and the corresponding lock it opens are indicated by red icons on the mini-map if an Area Map or Dungeon Map have been used.



  • One open inventory slot is required to pick up the boss key, although it doesn't actually show up in your inventory.
  • Once a boss key is acquired, the words "Boss Key retrieved" and a red boss key icon will appear on the right side of the UI's Mission Goals overlay.
  • Any party member can use the key on the lock for which it is required, regardless of who picked it up.