Rragar Maneater

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Rragar Maneater
Charr elementalist.jpg
Affiliation Charr
Type Charr
Professions Mesmer Mesmer
Monk Monk
Level(s) 29 (32)
Campaign Eye of the North
Rragar Maneater map level 1.jpg
Location in Rragar's Menagerie Level 1
Rragar Maneater map level 2.jpg
Location in Rragar's Menagerie Level 2
Rragar Maneater map level 3.jpg
Location in Rragar's Menagerie Level 3

Rragar Maneater is a charr that is breeding a race of hideous creatures and experimenting with oozes in his underground menagerie.



Quests involved in:


(20 Domination Magic in Hard mode)

Armor ratings[edit]

Armor ratings
Blunt damage 102 Piercing damage 102 Slashing damage 102
Cold damage 86 Earth damage 86 Fire damage 86 Lightning damage 86


When encountering him on Level 1:

"Humans? Here? Blast! It's not yet time."

After defeat:

"Time for a "tactical retreat."

When encountering him on Level 2:

"Ah, the meat is back. Good timing, I was just looking for a test subject."

After defeat:

"As they say, "Discretion is the better part of...staying alive."

When encountering him on Level 3:

"Allow me to introduce you to my most prized specimen. You should feel honored to have your bones picked clean by such a magnificent creation! Hidesplitter, show them no mercy!"

Items dropped[edit]


  • When you kill him Hidesplitter goes into a rampage, in which he stops using The Sniper's Spear and appears to attack faster.
    • The message appears even if Hidesplitter is dead.
  • Neither he nor Hidesplitter have any healing skills, nor will they regenerate health over time.
  • His Resurrection Chant casts very fast (because he is a primary Mesmer with Fast Casting), allowing Hidesplitter to return to combat soon after death. For this reason Rragar should be killed first.
  • Interrupting the Master's Mark will prevent Hidesplitter from using its The Sniper's Spear ability, making the fight much easier.
  • In Hard Mode, Rragar has 2280 health on the first two levels, but 5280 on level 3.