Dungeon Map

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Dungeon Map
Map Piece.jpg
Rarity Common
Type Consumable
Value Can't be sold
Stackable Yes
Campaign Eye of the North
Uses 1
Map Item.jpg

A Dungeon Map is used to reveal important points inside a Dungeon. It can be acquired from collectors inside most of the Dungeons in exchange for drops typically found within the respective dungeon. Dungeon Maps give the same information as Area Maps. The latter are free, but often require some fighting to get to. Dungeon maps sometimes also drop out of Hidden Treasure chests.


Charr Homelands[edit]

Collector Location Level Collecting
Sark Catacombs of Kathandrax 1 5 Piles of Elemental Dust
Akom Cathedral of Flames 1 5 Stone Claws
Thecos Bellyshaker Ooze Pit 7 Blobs of Ooze
Cait Rragar's Menagerie 1 5 Fleshreaver Morsels

Far Shiverpeaks[edit]

Collector Location Level Collecting
Dobb Darkrime Delves 1 5 Jotun Pelts
Fopp Frostmaw's Burrows 1 5 Chromatic Scales
Pathfinder Alon Frostmaw's Burrows 1 5 Frozen Wurm Husks
Pathfinder Nolan Raven's Point 1 5 Vaettir Essences
Jovial Pete Sepulchre of Dragrimmar 1 5 Dryder Webs
Pathfinder Mia Sepulchre of Dragrimmar 1 5 Piles of Elemental Dust

Tarnished Coast[edit]

Collector Location Level Collecting
Dagnor Grubeater Arachni's Haunt 1 5 Lavastrider Appendages
Pekk Bloodstone Caves 1 5 Fungal Roots
Blonk Bogroot Growths 1 5 Amphibian Tongues
Onkk Bogroot Growths 1 5 Beetle Eggs
Vixx Oola's Lab 1 5 Golem Runestones
Qogg Shards of Orr 1 5 Undead Bones
Kilgor Rageheart Vloxen Excavations 1 5 Skelk Fangs
Snap Flamekrak Vloxen Excavations 1 5 Stone Summit Emblems