Bloodstone Caves

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Bloodstone Caves
Bloodstone Caves page.jpg
Campaign Eye of the North
Region Depths of Tyria
Type Dungeon
Levels 3
Reward chest Eldritch Chest
Required quest Crystal Method
Party size 8
Exit(s) Sparkfly Swamp
Bloodstone Caves route.jpg
Getting there from Gadd's Encampment
Bloodstone Caves Level 1.jpg
Level 1
Bloodstone Caves Level 2.jpg
Level 2
Bloodstone Caves Level 3.jpg
Level 3
Bloodstone Caves poison traps.jpg
Poison traps on Level 2
Bloodstone Caves Level3 Bloodstone.jpg
The Bloodstone on level 3 with Eldritch Ettin and the last mobs

Many adventurers have told legends of the Bloodstones, and a few brave souls claim to have seen them. Even after hearing these stories, standing in the presence of such power is still quite... intoxicating. A brilliant Asuran researcher named Gadd assisted us in our search for another Bloodstone. With our help, the Asura would have to decipher a series of inscriptions placed by the guardians... odd creatures called inscribed ettins... before we could reach the legendary relic. The guardians were busy shoring up their defenses, and our allies in the Shining Blade had taken an interest in their activities. Their scouts, always on the lookout for enchanted weaponry to use in their struggle against the White Mantle, noticed the ettins returning to this place repeatedly, where they harvested some sort of magical essences. Bartholos believed they could be weaponized for the Shining Blade's war effort.

Master Dungeon Guide

The Bloodstone Caves extend into the side of the Shiverpeak Mountains and contain ruins with inscriptions similar to those found on two of the Bloodstones. The bloodstone found in the deepest level of this dungeon, the Shiverpeak Bloodstone, was perhaps where the White Mantle intended to sacrifice Evennia and Saidra.


Interactive objects[edit]




Hidden Objects[edit]

Hidden objects are revealed using Light of Deldrimor.

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
  • Unknown 1 (20) Secret Switch found near the second Beacon of Droknar will open a closed door to the north of this level's entrance.
  • Warrior 24 (24) One Dwarven Ghost ally, located on top of mound in secret area
  • Unknown 1 (20) Ten Hidden Treasures as follows:
    • Four in passageway of secret area
    • Four around outer edge of cave in secret area
    • Two (left/right) in final room with Eldritch Ettin



Charmable animals[edit]

Charmable animals


Enchanted weapons






Boss-like foes[edit]



  • This dungeon is under the effect of Aura of the Bloodstone, which will heal all nearby creatures when a creature dies. The amount of heal increases by 20 for each dungeon level.
  • Make sure to have the Crystal Method quest from Saerin in Gadd's Encampment or the first door in the dungeon will not open.
  • Due to the large number of melee foes, melee counter skills are very useful, e.g. Ward Against Melee, Aegis, Enfeebling Blood, and Ineptitude.
  • Killing Ettins will cause their associated Enchanted Shields to vanish. (Enchanted Scythes are not linked to any of the Ettins; they must be killed separately.)
  • Many of the foes are not fleshy; builds that depend on corpses (e.g. minion masters) are less effective.
  • On level 2, the final hall that includes the Ettin and the Dungeon Lock also has a large number of skeleton casters that are initially friendly. Once Ettin takes damage, those in the center will turn hostile quickly; those on the edge will remain friendly unless you aggro them. If you can pull and kill the Ettin quickly, the second group will remain friendly, allowing you to reach the lock without any further combat. Otherwise, be very careful to avoid getting swarmed by the Wizards and Illusionists after they become hostile.
  • On level 3, if you kill the first Inscribed Ettins (guarding the Eldritch Ettin), their accompanying Enchanted (Shields or Scythes) will die.
  • Completion of this dungeon will fill in page #11 of the Master Dungeon Guide storybook.
Anomaly Anomaly. As noted above, in the final area on level 2, undead who have not yet turned hostile (green dots) will aid you as allies against those that have (red dots).
Bug Bug. Poison Dart traps shoot faster than indicated, firing up to 15 darts per second.


  • In Guild Wars 2, an entrance to the Bloodstone Caves can be found at Bramble Pass, though the caves themselves have been sealed off behind a locked door.

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