Crystal Method

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Crystal Method
Section Depths of Tyria Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Saerin
in Gadd's Encampment
(Depths of Tyria)
Preceded by Finding the Bloodstone
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest
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Saerin wants you to collect a spectral crystal's essence from the Eldritch Ettin.

Quest information[edit]




Head towards the Bloodstone Caves by going east through southern Sparkfly Swamp, enter the dungeon by walking through the portal, do not use the Inscription Stone. Once inside, attack the Forge Masters first, this will cause their associated Enchanted Shields to vanish. Melee counter skills are recommended.

In the first level, go to the center to fight the Paranoia Ettin to obtain the Dungeon Key to access the second level, then walk northeast to engage the First Inscribed, open the Dungeon Lock.

The second level, is a narrow corridor, proceed forward and avoid fighting/standing too long over the Poison Spouts. Soon, you will find the Crystal Ettin walking by a structure composed by columns with several non-hostile NPCs around. Once you engage the Ettin, those skeletons will turn hostile and surround you, since there's too many of them, retreat and fight small numbers so that you are not overwhelmed. Obtain the Dungeon Key and continue towards the next level.

The third and last level has Poison Jets, fight away from them to reduce pressure and if possible make foes stand by a Poison Spout to ease your battles. At the final chamber, there will be three groups of foes moving around; killing the First Inscribeds as well as the Eldritch Ettin will make all other enemies disappear; this means you only need to concentrate your firepower on three targets only. Each First Inscribed and its group can be pulled away from the others so that you can fight one group at a time. Finally once the Eldritch is killed, pick up the Spectral Crystal to claim the quest rewards and also don`t forget to open the reward chest.


Initial dialogue[edit]


"Ah, so you've returned for more punishment, <character name>! Very good. Guess what? One of our scouts barely escaped with his life, but he brought back a tale of a fierce, ornery ettin, more fearsome than anything we've yet slain. It was, predictably, gathering spectral crystals. I'm not sure what has addicted these lumbering hulks to to the magic crystals, but there is no doubt in my mind it is tied to the Bloodstone. They must be ours. Deal this ettin a deadly blow and bring us what is ours. Are you prepared to risk life...and looks...for us this one last time?"
Yes Accept: "I'll deal some damage."
No Decline: "I'm noticing a pattern here. Count me out."
Ask Ask: "The ettin harvesting Spectral Crystals still breathes. Fix that, won't you?"

Reward dialogue[edit]


"This is a greater find than I had dreamed, <character name>. Your usefulness never fails to impress me. Bit by bit, the tide turns against the White Mantle, sweeping them away so that a new time of peace may dawn on Kryta. Pray we will all be there to see it, friend.
Go on, pray!"


Anomaly Anomaly.Bloodstone Cave appears to be blocked by a door, but you can walk through it to cross the portal.
Bug Bug.On very rare occasions, the Spectral Crystal does not drop, forcing you to return to the dungeon.