The Blade's Essence

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The Blade's Essence
Section Depths of Tyria Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Saerin
in Gadd's Encampment
(Depths of Tyria)
Preceded by Finding the Bloodstone
Type Secondary quest
Bloodstone Caves Level 1.jpg
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Saerin wants you to collect an essence from the Paranoia Ettin for the Shining Blade to use on their weapons against the White Mantle.

Quest information[edit]




Go across the southern part of Sparkfly Swamp to the Bloodstone Caves entrance. Do not click on the Inscribed Stone. Instead, you can walk through the door and then the portal into the Bloodstone Caves as it normally is. In the caves, head east then south, and in the center of a small basin you'll find the Paranoia Ettin with a few Incubuses around it. Kill the ettin, grab the essence, and return to Saerin for your reward.


Initial dialogue[edit]


"Hail, <Player name>. Our scouts have continued exploring the Bloodstone Caves since you and Gadd reached the Bloodstone. They've reported some pretty odd ettin behavior. The brutes are harvesting some strange shimmering essence, perhaps to restore the dungeon's defenses. We're not really sure. One thing is certain, though, if that essence is tied to the Bloodstone, then it contains power. Perhaps we could enchant our blades with it..."
"We don't have the numbers to deal with the beasts, so I ask this of you: bring the essence to me. Destroy anything that gets in your way. Will you do this?
Yes Accept: "Time is of the essence."
No Decline: "Gather your own perfume."
Ask Ask: "There is an ettin harvesting shimmering essence within the Bloodstone Caves. Don't delay!"

Reward dialogue[edit]


"Interesting. Yes, we can definitely use this. Our problems may outnumber our blades, but if all our swords are the sharpest...let's just say our solutions will come quickly. I'm looking forward to "mediating" a few disputes myself. The Shining Blade thanks you, <Player name>. This will be put to good use."