Dungeon Key

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Dungeon Key
Dungeon Key.jpg
Rarity Varies
Type Not specified
Stackable Yes
Campaign Eye of the North
Dungeon Key.jpg

The Dungeon Key is an item found in the dungeons of Eye of the North. When a player fulfils a certain requirement, usually killing a boss in a dungeon, a key will appear on the ground. The key is color matched to its own door. You need to use a key on a Dungeon Lock near to door.



  • Although you can't pick a key up while your inventory is full, it will not take up a space in your inventory. In such case you can drop any item from inventory, take a key and then pick up an item back.
  • Once a dungeon key is acquired, the words "Dungeon Key retrieved" and a blue dungeon key icon will appear on the left side of the UI's Mission Goals overlay.
  • See also: Boss Key
Anomaly Anomaly.The message Dungeon Key retrieved and the image of the key cannot be switched off even if you have cleared all the interface options on the Options pane (F11).