Arachni's Haunt

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Arachni's Haunt
Arachni's Haunt page.jpg
Campaign Eye of the North
Region Depths of Tyria
Type Dungeon
Levels 2
Reward chest Arachni's Spoils
Required quest Scrambled Reinforcements
Party size 8
Exit(s) Magus Stones
Arachni's Haunt route.jpg
Getting there from Rata Sum
Arachni's Haunt Level 1.jpg
Map of the first level.
Arachni Haunt Lvl 2.1.jpg
Map of the second level.
Arachni Haunt level 2 bone pit.jpg
Arachni's bone pit in the second level.

Arachni's Haunt is the lair of a mighty spider and her brood of matriarchs. The web-strewn caverns also contain potent energy veins the Asura tap to fuel their creations. Commander Hixx and his battle krewe were station [sic] here to protect this resource, and they're still locked in an unending battle against the matriarchs. These creatures spin webs that no normal fire can burn through. In response to this sticky development, Mamp developed a super-heated staff capable of burning through the silk and setting the matriarch's massive egg sacs ablaze. Fragments of destroyed young can still be found littered amongst the corpses of Hixx's shattered patrol. Destroying the egg sacs, it seems, is a sure way to enrage the spider matriarchs, as well as Arachni herself.

Master Dungeon Guide


These quests will affect the spawns in this area:


Light of Deldrimor Rewards[edit]

Level 1[edit]
  • Warrior 24 (24) Dwarven Ghost can be found in the rectangular chamber with the poison arrow traps.
  • Dwarven Ghost can be found near the Spider Matriarch, on the ledges above the eggs. Go behind the left hand eggs to find it
  • Unknown 1 (20) Secret Switch near the south corner of Lok The Mischievous's room, which opens the door to a secret area that contains multiple Hidden Treasures and a Dwarven Ghost.
  • 3 Hidden Treasures can be found near Dagnor Grubeater.
  • 3 Hidden Treasures can be found near the dungeon key.
Level 2[edit]
  • There is a secret passage way that opens at the Area Map if you use Light of Deldrimor at the nearest intersection to the Area Map and then activate the switch. This passageway will lead you straight to the Flame Guardian. The passage also contains two Hidden Treasures, side by side.
  • A Hidden Treasure is located under the Flame Guardian.
  • Two Hidden Treasures are in a beetle-filled side room southwest of the entrance. One is in a water pool which conceals the light effect.
  • There is a Hidden Treasure in that candlelit corridor south of the waterlogged room before the second Beacon of Droknar.
  • There are two Hidden Treasures and a Dwarven Ghost in the waterlogged room, which conceals the glowing effect.
    • The Treasures are placed towards the back, approximately three Zhed-Lengths into the water. One is approximately central to the (overgrown) exit, while the other is approximately central to the large ramp. The Dwarven Ghost is roughly in the middle of the room. A little trial and error may be in order.
  • There is a Hidden Treasure in a dead-end southward corridor at the second Beacon of Droknar. It can be pinged on the compass while standing at the Beacon.
  • A Hidden Treasure can be found near the entrance to the poison-filled spider room after the second Beacon of Droknar.


Charmable animals

Arachnids (all levels)



Incubi (level 2)

Insects (level 2)

Jellies (level 1)

Plants (level 1)

Skelk (level 2)




Boss-like foes[edit]


Interactive objects[edit]



  • You earn 1,500 Asuran reputation points the first time you complete this dungeon in normal mode (2,250 in hard mode); subsequent visits reward half that (750 and 1,125 points respectively).
  • Though you can walk past them easily, burning the spider eggs is the only way to spawn Spider Matriarchs, and thus get the Dungeon Key.
  • Lok The Mischievous's fiery boulders will kill you instantly if you are struck by them, although they do not cause any Death Penalty.
  • To disable the fire traps on Level 2, kill the Flame Guardian in the southeastern corner.
Anomaly Anomaly.In first person mode, you can see behind the walls if you stand next to them at certain points:
  • On Level 1: an extra normal gate and several hidden rooms.
  • On Level 2: an extra Asura Gate behind one of the walls.
Anomaly Anomaly.On Level 2, there is an Albino Rat that occasionally spawns behind the walls. You can shadow step or teleport to it (e.g. using Consume Corpse), which will leave you stuck behind the wall (unless you can jump back, e.g. via Recall).
Bug Bug.The spawns including Arachni and the final Spider Matriarch may be significantly delayed after burning the eggs. If the party continues burning eggs during this delay, it can lead to Arachni spawning before the matriarch, though both must still be killed to spawn the chest.


  • Arachni's nest is located within a ring of colossal bones covered in webs.
  • Prior to the July 19, 2012 update, players could reach the second level behind the door by scraping the right side.

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