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Ettins are large, usually gray-skinned, ogres with a double faced head.

List of hostile NPCs[edit]

Region Type Name Trophy
Guild Wars Prophecies
Pre-Searing Ascalon Ogre Warrior 5 Agnar the Foot None
Shiverpeak Mountains Ogre Warrior 11 (24) Snow Ettin Icy Hump
Kryta Ogre Warrior 15 (24) Gypsie Ettin Hardened Hump
Ring of Fire Islands Ogre Warrior 24 (26) Igneous Ettin Igneous Hump
Sorrow's Furnace Ogre Warrior 24 (26) Enslaved Ettin None
Guild Wars Eye of the North
Depths of Tyria Ogre Warrior 20 (26), 28 (30) Tomb Ettin
Warrior 28 (30) Forge Master
Jotun Pelt



Concept art by Doug Williams.
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  • Ettin is a late English cognate to the Old Norse Jötunn from the Old English Eoten meaning "giant" or "monster"