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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars Prophecies.

Affiliation Shining Blade
Type Human
Profession Monk Monk
Level(s) 15 (20), 20 [30]
Campaigns Prophecies
Evennia portrait.jpg

The chief advisor and aide to Princess Salma, Evennia is one of the most influential women in Kryta. The former leader of the Shining Blade, Evennia stepped down from her post after the destruction of the White Mantle high council to focus on politics. The widely beloved Evennia has been crucial in gathering public support for Princess Salma and has acted as an ambassador for the royal government in exile.


Evennia is the former leader of the Shining Blade, a group which opposes the White Mantle. After the events of Guild Wars Prophecies, she steps down to serve Princess Salma and promotes Bartholos to the leadership of the Shining Blade.

During the War in Kryta, she travels to Ascalon to seek the aid of King Adelbern against the White Mantle, in exchange for Krytan aid against the Charr. After struggling for a while to obtain said help, she is reported missing, her last known location being Old Ascalon.




15 Healing Prayers (20 Healing Prayers in Hard mode)

During Defend Denravi (Hard mode)[edit]


Iron Mines of Moladune
"The sadness of Saidra's death will linger for some time. But we must move on. She would want it that way. Slowly the Blade are reorganizing, and plans are being made.
What would you like to hear about first?"
⇒ How do we plan to get revenge on the traitor?
"Markis is here."
⇒ Here?
"Our scouts spotted him heading north, accompanied by a group of White Mantle and their "Unseen" gods. We're going after him."
⇒ But how? You can't fight the Mursaat. They're too powerful.
"Then we will get help first. There is legend of an ancient sorcerer who lives in these parts. Word is, she has powerful magics that can help us in the fight against the Mursaat.
This may be our best chance to catch Markis. If we let him slip from our grasp, he will not stop until every last member of the Shining Blade has fallen at the feet of the White Mantle."
⇒ A more wicked man I have not met.
"Agreed. Because of him, many good people, many of our friends have died. The Shining Blade are all but disbanded. There is little strength left in our organization, but I will not rest until Markis has paid for his sins.
You have been a good friend and a trusted ally. Having your help in tracking down Markis would be a great relief."
⇒ What must I do?
"Head to the caves to the north. Find the Ancient Seer and see if she can help us. Perhaps whatever magic she can muster will make the difference. Then head north, and try to intercept Markis."
⇒ I'm on my way.
"But be careful, you are taking a great risk to trust this seer. Until we know she will help us, then we must not take anything for granted."
⇒ What must I do?"
⇒ A more wicked man I have not met.
⇒ What must I do?"
No I'll be on my way.
Droknar's Forge (explorable area)
"The White Mantle's power over Kryta will dwindle with the collapse of their high council, and Salma will be the next queen of Kryta. I dedicated my life to these very goals for such a long time that part of me wondered if I would ever see them accomplished. I now find myself at a crossroads. The Shining Blade still has much work to do, but I feel my place is at Salma's side. There are several worthy lieutenants who are more than capable of continuing the work of the Shining Blade. I leave the future of the Blade in their trusted hands."
Dakutu Village
"These are perilous times. The fate of Kryta hangs upon the decisions we make here in these woods. Before long the Princess will be moving to Lion's Arch to reclaim the throne...and then the end game will begin."
⇒ This is quite the gathering you have here."
"Indeed it is. We meet here to plan the future of Kryta. It truly is an historical occasion. With so many important figures in one place, we are very lucky that the White Mantle seem to have no idea that this camp has been established."
Ice Cliff Chasm
"Kryta needs her allies most at times like this."
Old Ascalon
"The clouds of war gather on the horizon. The hour of the storm is upon us, yet Adelbern still refuses to give me audience. Old fool would rather kill us all than accept help."


  • As of the end of Prophecies, Evennia is the only confirmed member of the Shining Blade Inner Council known to have survived.