Defend Denravi

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HardModeMissionIconIncomplete.png This quest has a Hard mode version — see Defend Denravi (Hard mode).
Defend Denravi
Section Southern Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Prophecies
Given by Vision of Glint
in Droknar's Forge
(Southern Shiverpeaks)
Preceded by Defend Droknar's Forge
Followed by The Titan Source
Type Secondary quest

Defend the Henge of Denravi.

Quest information[edit]


  • Travel to The Henge of Denravi and speak with Shadow to learn how you can help defend against the Titan threat.
  • Seek out Evennia and offer her your assistance.
  • Help the Shining Blade defend Denravi from the Titans. Evennia must survive.



This quest is similar to its predecessor, but you do not have to travel far to find your target. Start by mapping to the Henge of Denravi to speak with Shadow and then exit into Tangle Root. You are asked to add Evennia as an ally, but if you do so and she dies, you have to rezone and retry. Consider ignoring her entirely for this quest.

Walk up the path until it forks. As you do, you will see the (temporarily friendly) residents of the jungle scurry away from the titans and head towards the Henge. Take up a position just before the small valley north of Evennia's starting position. You can use the path as a choke point, avoid getting surrounded by the titans, and make pulling easier.

Now, approach the guards in the clearing to trigger the first wave of Titans. After about 2-3 waves, Desnas Hubor will appear. If you can do so safely, pull him separately and concentrate all your fire power on the boss; once he dies, you can return to Glint (you get credit even if there are other titans remaining).

Alternative approach

If you have trouble with the titans and/or if you want to do it the proper way (with Evennia helping), always focus on the final evolution first, the Born Titans. Once they are dead, attack just one Wild Growth at-a-time and defeat its born spawns before moving on to the next. You can also fall back to the top of the hill near Evennia; it makes pulling more difficult, but is more easily defended and allows you to control how many titans you tackle at once.

Skill recommendations
  • The foes tend to clump (especially those that appear after the death of a parent), making Panic helpful.
  • Other interrupts are also useful, since most of the foes here are spellcasters.



Human (Shining Blade)


Titans (arranged in spawning pattern order)




Initial dialogue[edit]

Vision of Glint

"Quickly, we haven't a moment to spare! Denravi has been overrun by Titans, and its citizens are in need of immediate aid. You must help them before this... plague... overcomes them and spreads to the rest of Tyria!"
Yes Accept: "If the Titans are a plague, I am the cure!"
No Decline: "I'm sure they can handle this threat on their own."
Ask Ask: "Quickly now! Evennia needs your help halting the Titan invasion that is approaching from Tangle Root!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]


"Thanks the gods you are here! Evennia and some of the Denravi guards went to Tangle Root to try to hold back the Titan army. With your help, surely Denravi can be saved!"
When first talking to Evennia
Evennia: "These Titans are foul, evil beasts! They've been ravaging the land out here, and we cannot let them continue. We must stop them at all costs!"
When reaching where the Shining Blade is
Evennia: "Your presence gives me hope that we will prevail against this threat."
Evennia: "We have made our stand here. Many men have lost their lives defending this place, and we won't let their deaths be in vain!"
Evennia: "I hear more of them coming. Quickly, to arms!"
Shining Blade Warrior: "Our men fought bravely. I think we got them all."
Shining Blade Warrior: "I think there are more of them coming this way!."
After killing the boss
Evennia: "That was the last of them...for now. This silence surely won't last long. You must venture forth and find the source of these foul beasts."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Vision Of Glint

"I shudder to think what might have happened if you hadn't come to our aid. The citizens of Denravi can sleep soundly once again thanks to your efforts."


  • During this quest, the only foes in the area are the Titans.
    • Vanquishing the area while the quest is active will yield credit for approximately 200 foes, including any that spawned as a result of the deaths of other Titans. However, the kills counter will not reflect these deaths.
  • If you complete the quest before talking to Evennia, she continues to have the green quest arrow. If you talk to her, she moves into place as if the quest was ongoing, including her script. No further titans spawn, however, and once her script is finished she leaves into the Henge of Denravi as she normally would.