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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars Prophecies, Guild Wars Eye of the North, and Guild Wars Beyond.

Affiliations Krytans

Shining Blade

Type Human
Profession Monk Monk
Level(s) 10..20
Campaigns Prophecies
Princess Salma portrait.jpg
Royal Banner.png
Salma's royal Krytan banner

The Pretender, known as “Princess” Salma among traitors and heathens, persists in her illegitimate claim to the throne of Kryta. The daughter of a disgraced priestess, Salma now leads nothing more than a pack of outlaws and rebels lurking in the woods.

The White Mantle and True Government of Kryta advise all citizens that Salma and her cohorts are heavily armed and should be considered dangerous. Speaking with or aiding her in any way is an act of High Sedition.

White Mantle propaganda

Princess Salma is the rightful heir to the Krytan throne. The daughter of King Jadon and Priestess Berea of the Temple of Ages, [sic] Salma has both royal blood and the blessing of the gods. Salma set aside her holy duties as a priestess and answered the call of destiny, hoping to restore justice and peace to her people. Salma has rallied the Shining Blade in a secret camp in the wilderness, and has reached out beyond Krytan borders for help. The fate of Kryta now rests in her steady young hands.

Shining Blade propaganda

Salma is the daughter of Priestess Berea and King Jadon, a descendant of King Doric, and as such heir to the throne of Kryta. As a child, her father provided support for herself and her mother in the form of special dispensation from the royal treasury.

After her father fled Kryta when the Charr invaded, allowing the White Mantle to seize power, she became a priestess at the Temple of the Ages. In 1072 AE, she was called upon by Watchman Arad to take the throne in her father's place, which she accepted. Shortly after that, the Shining Blade had found out and at the end of the events of the Flameseeker Prophecies, the Shining Blade offers their support to her, bringing a new cause to the rebellion that the Shining Blade started to overthrow the White Mantle.

In 1079 AE, the Krytan civil war became official as she declared war on the White Mantle and with the aid of the Shining Blade and Lion's guard, retook the throne in Lion's Arch.



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During The Battle for Lion's Arch[edit]


Temple of the Ages
"It's hard to know how to react to all of the recent troubles.
Did you need my help with something?"
Droknar's Forge (explorable area)
"I shall return to Kryta, and lead it into a new age of peace and prosperity. I was frightened at first, but with your help I now realize this is both my birthright and my duty. For that I am in your debt."
Temple of the Ages (explorable area)
"With you here, I feel victory is never far behind." (before Deactivating R.O.X. is complete)
"Thank you, <player name>! You truly are a savior to these lands!" (after Deactivating R.O.X. is complete)
Shining Blade Camp, Lion's Arch Keep
"All Krytans long for peace, but we suffer too greatly at the hands of the Unseen Ones' fanatical devotees."
⇒What brings you to this camp?
"I wish only to protect my people from their oppressors and let them worship their gods in peace. I may be the royal heir, but I am still only one woman. I cannot defeat the Unseen Ones and their Mantle puppets without help from the citizens of Kryta...and from brave people like you."
Lion's Arch Keep (before The Battle for Lion's Arch)
"All Krytans long for peace, but we suffer too greatly at the hands of the Unseen Ones' fanatical devotees."
During the Battle for Lion's Arch
"We stand against tyranny! Against false gods and corruption! Against cruelty and injustice! We stand for KRYTA!"
⇒The Battle for Lion's Arch
"Bartholos is organizing the city's defense, speak with him."
Lion's Arch (War in Kryta)
Lion's Arch Keep (after completing The Battle for Lion's Arch)
"The Krytan people will never forget what you have done for us. Know that you will always have a home within our borders."


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