Deactivating R.O.X.

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Deactivating R.O.X.
Deactivating R.O.X..jpg
Section Zinn's Task Quests
Campaign Zinn's Task
Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall
Given by Image of Zinn
in Golem Tutorial Simulation
Part of Zinn's Task
Type Secondary quest
(Difficulty: Master)

This is one of the three quests given by Image of Zinn from the Golem User Manual. This one deals with neutralizing R.O.X. and retrieving its power crystal. R.O.X. marches on the Temple of the Ages with his army. The golem is programmed to assassinate Princess Salma, the future Queen of Kryta. Zinn, the accidental creator of this killer golem, requested you warn Salma, deactivate R.O.X., and retrieve its power crystal. Head to the Temple of the Ages and prepare the acolytes for battle.

Quest information[edit]


  • Speak with Salma in the Temple of the Ages.
  • Defend Princess Salma. She must survive.
  • Deactivate R.O.X. and eliminate his forces.
  • Extract R.O.X.'s power crystal.



After speaking to Salma, you enter into a mini-mission to defend an explorable version of the Temple of the Ages. The party has 30 seconds to talk to the acolytes and ask them to pray for blessings from each god. It's possible to send more than one acolyte to pray for the same god, increasing the blessing given; this gives diminishing returns, however. The blessings are shown in the following table:

God Dialogue option Acquired blessing Effect description Effect bonus (increase per additional acolyte)
Balthazar Pray to Balthazar, for strength! Battle Fervor Faster attack speed +10% (+14%, +18%, +22%, +26%)
Dwayna Pray to Dwayna, for protection! Cloak of Faith Extra armor +10 (+14, +18, +22, +26)
Grenth Pray to Grenth, for power! Dark Aura Steal health on hit +5 (+6, +7, +8, +9)
Lyssa Pray to Lyssa, for inspiration! Chaotic Power Extra energy +10 (+14, +18, +22, +26)
Melandru Pray to Melandru, for vitality! Strength of the Oak Extra health +50 (+60, +70, +80, +90)

The time counts down to zero, and waves of level 20 golems come crashing down. These golems may kill the acolytes praying at the shrines, removing the blessings from the gods; they will prioritize killing those NPCs over the players, if within range. As such, it may be a good strategy to pray for only two or three blessings that are next to each other, to minimize the travel distance needed to defend these acolytes. After several waves, R.O.X. will turn up. Kill the other golems first so you can focus your attack on R.O.X. who has a large amount of health. R.O.X. will be defeated when its health is reduced below approximately 20%.

You should prioritize killing the golems nearest to Salma, since her death will cause the mission to fail.





  • Warrior 20 (26) Golem
  • Elementalist 20 (26) Golem
  • Dervish 20 (26) Golem




Initial dialogue[edit]

"R.O.X. marches on the Temple of the Ages with his army. The golem is programmed to assassinate Princess Salma, the future Queen of Kryta. Zinn, the accidental creator of this killer golem, requested you warn Salma, deactivate R.O.X., and retrieve its power crystal. Head to the Temple of the Ages and prepare the acolytes for battle."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]


"<Character name>! Isn't it uncanny how champions always seem to appear in my hour of need? Scouts have brought word of an army of unnatural constructs...metal given life by magic...headed this way. They say the creatures destroy everything in their path. There's still time to organize our defenses here...but not much. I know with your help, we shall survive this! Will you lend us your aid?"

Yes What can be made, can be unmade. Onward to battle! (sent to the Temple of the Ages)
No Rampaging death machines? Good luck with that!

When taken to the mission area.

Salma: "We don't have much time...but we do have one advantage. The gods are on our side!
Salma: "Ask the monks and acolytes in the temple to offer up prayers to the gods, so we may receive their blessings."
Salma: "The gods will channel their blessings through the pious. So as more people pray at a statue, the stronger that god's blessing will become. I leave it to you to decide who to send where, but act quickly. Our foes approach!"

From monks and acolytes praying to Balthazar:

"Balthazar, hear our prayers!"
"Forge our blades with your fire."
"Give us the strength."
"We earn glory in your name!"

From monks and acolytes praying to Dwayna:

"Dwayna we beseech thee!"
"Salve our wounds and ease our pain!"
"Protect us from those who would harm us!"
"We stand in your light!"

From monks and acolytes praying to Grenth:

"Grenth, we call upon you!"
"Reach into our world with your cold hand."
"Grasp hold of our enemies in your fist."
"Guide those who stand against us to your final embrace!"

From monks and acolytes praying to Lyssa:

"Lyssa, hear our prayers!"
"Let your visage beguile our foes."
"Show us the path to victory!"
"Let your inspiration touch our hearts."

From monks and acolytes praying to Melandru:

"Melandru, we call out to you!"
"Shelter us from the storm in your embrace."
"Help us overcome what we must face!"
"Lend us the power in your heart!

When R.O.X. spawns.

R.O.X.: "*...TAR-GET-ING...*"
R.O.X.: "*...TER-MI-NATE!...*"

Reward dialogue[edit]

"R.O.X. appears fully deactivated. You reach out and open up his control panel. Inside lies the golem's power crystal. It emits a strange buzzing sound and vibrates erratically, almost as if something is trying to escape. This is the object Zinn requires. You only need to reach out and take it."


  • You cannot capture Triple Chop from R.O.X with a signet of capture because you don't actually kill him.
  • M.O.X. is not required to be in your party for this quest.
  • Acolytes beyond the first at each god statue increase the bonus received by much less than the first. Sending one Acolyte to each god will increase your bonuses, but sending them all to one statue will make it easier to protect them and the bonus they give.
  • This quest is obtained automatically after accepting Zinn's Task. If it is abandoned, it can be re-obtained by asking Image of Zinn about the Zinn's Task quest. The initial dialogue can only be seen in the quest log, and it has no accept, decline or when asked about dialogue.
  • The Xunlai Agent spawns, mentioning how she will be safe within the nearby Xunlai Chest before disappearing.
  • If you are dead when R.O.X. has been defeated and none of the alive party members have a resurrection skill then you will have to start the quest over as you cannot get his power crystal.
  • The 55 monk build is quite effective here, but extremely slow. Plant all acolytes at the Statue of Lyssa for extra energy, then flag your heroes near the statue. Stand in the center of the stone barries where the creatures will spawn and keep protective spirit up. Your ranged heroes and henchmen should start attacking the Golems, but should only aggro at most 1 golem per grouping. Once the R.O.X. appears, unflag your heroes and henchmen and annihilate R.O.X.
Bug Bug.During the fight with R.O.X., he will sometimes get caught on a wall, and stop attacking.
Bug Bug.Sometimes the statue of Dwayna fails to load, and acolytes sent there will provide no blessing.