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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Image of Zinn. For Zinn, see Zinn.
Image of Zinn
Asura weaponsmith.jpg
Affiliation Asura
Type Asura
Level(s) 20
Campaign Core

This NPC can be found in the Golem Tutorial Simulation.



Quests given:


When spoken to:

"Greetings, chosen one. Interested in a bit of training on how to command your golem Hero? Or was there something else you desired?"
I would like to run thorugh the Golem Tutorial Simulation, please. (can only be taken once per visit, after which is disappears)
(starts the Golem Tutorial Simulation)
How do I form a party with my golem Hero and other Heroes?
"You add Heroes to your group by selecting them from the dropdown menu in the Party window. But you can only have up to three of your own heroes in the party, so choose wisely which companions you wish to bring along.""
How do I equip my golem Hero?
"You can equip any Hero in your party through the inventory panel. Just click on a Hero's portrait and outfit that Hero with any weapon in your inventory. You can even upgrade a Hero's armor with runes and insignias. As your Heroes gain experience, their levels will rise and they will gain Health, attribute points, and improved armor."
How do I give new skills to my golem Hero and other Heroes?
"You may only alter your own skills and the skills of those under your command while you're in a town or outpost. Simply open the Skills and Attributes panel and drag and drop the skills you want onto your Skill Bar. You can switch between yourself and your Heroes by clicking on the portraits at the top of the panel. Once you've set your skills, be sure to adjust attributes as well, for both your character and your Heroes."
Tell me about moving my golem Hero.
"You'll use target flags to move your Heroes. Target flags let you select a position in the world to act as "home" for your Heroes. You will find up to four flag buttons on your compass. To place a flag, click on the flag button and then click on the compass or somewhere in the world. Placing a flag causes the Hero to regard that location as "home.""
"Keep in mind that while Heroes move to a new location they will not execute any skill commands until they reach the location set by the flag, unless the flag is canceled or overridden. There are tow types of flags: Hero flag and party flag."
Tell me about party flags.
"Only the party leader and players controlling at least two heroes can use this flag. It will send every active Hero you have to the same point. Once at the flag, they will array themselves around it."
"NOTE: The party leader's party flag is the only one that can affect henchmen."
Tell me about Hero flags.
"Anytime you have at least one Hero active, you will have a Hero flag associated with that Hero. You can control up to three Heroes, so you may have up to three Hero flags on your compass. These work just like party flags, except only the Hero associated with the flag will move to the flag's location."
Tell me about home.
"Home is the point where your Hero stands. If you have not set any target flags, your current location is considered home by your Heroes. You can set a new home for your Heroes by using a target flag. Heroes who are away from home will attempt to moveto their home location. Regardless of their combat mode setting, Heroes who are far away from home will not engage enemies while moving home."
Tell me about the Hero Control panel.
"The Hero Control panel tells you everything you need to know about the status of your Hero. To access the panel, click the number to the left of a Hero's name in the party window. Each Hero has an individual control panel that displays the following information:"
"Name: This is either the Hero's real name or a descriptor. The descriptor is used whenever more than one Hero with the same name is in the party."
"Portrait: This is your Hero's current appearance."
"Health: This shows the Hero's current and total Health. It includes the standard Hex, Enchantment, and Condition information."
"Energy: This is the amount of Energy the Hero currently has available."
"Skills: This shows the Hero's eight equipped skills."
"Combat Modes: This shows the Hero's current combat mode."
Tell me about combat modes.
"How far Heroes will stray from their home position depends on the combat mode set for them. For instance, Heroes set to "Fight" are willing to stray farther from their home position than Heroes set to "Guard" or "Avoid Combat." Heroes will only attack a called target within their combat mode range."
"Use each Hero's control panel to select one of the following combat modes:"
"Avoid Combat: The Hero will never attack an enemy, but will continue to use ally- and party-related skills."
"Guard: The Hero will stay close to the home point, but will still engage hostile enemies when attacked."
"Fight: The Hero will stray farther from home to engage enemies, going so far as to engage nearby enemy groups to you. This is the default combat mode for each Hero."
"remember, these settings can be changed for each individual Hero, even in the heat of battle."
Tell me about using my golem Hero skills in battle.
"After equipping your Heroes with skills, you have some control over how they use those skills in the heat of battle. You can force a hero to use a skill by simply clicking the skill icon, just as you would with one of your own skills. The Hero will move into position and use the skill once the necessary Energy requirements are met. Remember that while Heroes move to a new location, they will not execute any skill commands until they reach the flag, unless the movement command is canceled. You can also tell a Hero to never use a skill. To do this, hold down the "Shift" key while clicking the skill. If you later wish to allow the Hero to use the skill again, simply Shift-click the skill again. You can still click on a disabled skill to force the Hero to use it one time. This will not toggle automatic usage back on."
We want to leave now.
(returns the party to the last town or outpost)

At the start of the Golem Tutorial Simulation:

Image of Zinn: "Do you see the three areas around you? You need to control those areas. By issuing commands to your golem Hero during this training simulation, you will capture each area under different circumstances."
Image of Zinn: "You must destroy all enemies surrounding an area to begin capturing it. Moving your golem Hero outside the area will hald the capture process."
Image of Zinn: "Use target flags to move your golem Hero. These flags let you select a position in the world for your Heroes. You will find up to four flag buttons attached to your compass."
Image of Zinn: "To place a flag, click on the flag button and then click on the compass or somewhere in the world. Placing a flag causes the golem Hero to regard that location as "home.""
Image of Zinn: "Keep in mind that while your golem Hero moves to a new location it will not execute any skill commands until after it reaches the flag unless that flag is cancelled or overridden."
Image of Zinn: "Now use your golem Hero to capture area one."

After capturing area one:

Image of Zinn: "Now use your golem Hero to capture areas two and three."

After capturing areas two and three:

Image of Zinn: "Now return your golem Hero to area one."

After returning M.O.X. to area one:

Image of Zinn: "Well done! You've passed my quick golem Hero tutorial simulation. Now you are prepared to use your new M.O.X. golem to complete the task I have for you. If you have any additional questions about your golem Hero or Heroes in general, you have but to ask me."