Kenan the Scribe

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Kenan the Scribe
Krytan m.jpg
Affiliation Krytans
Type Human
Level(s) 10, 20
Campaign Prophecies

Kenan the Scribe is a historian and lore-keeper of sorts.

During the defense of the Temple of the Ages (part of the quest Deactivating R.O.X.), Kenan aids the defense by beseeching the gods for their blessings.



Quests involved in:


During the quest Deactivating R.O.X.
"The eyes of history watch the choices you make. What part will the stories say I played?"
"I call to the gods. The battle calls to you."
"This is a story that will carry on through the ages!"
Temple of the Ages
"Fame, glory, celestial treasure: all can be yours in the Hall of Heroes!"
"They say that ours was the first, but that the gods created other worlds after the Exodus."
"We must win the favor of the gods if we desire their blessings."
"The statues have awaken! We must have attracted the attention of the Gods." (only when there is favor of the gods)