The Lost Princess

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The Lost Princess
Section Kryta Quests
Campaign Prophecies
Given by Watchman Arad
in Fishermen's Haven
Type Secondary quest

After examining the royal scribe's papers, Watchman Arad asks you to seek out Salma in the Temple of the Ages. Speak with her about her heritage and leading the people of Kryta.

Quest information[edit]


Anomaly Anomaly.Although this quest is immediately available from Watchman Arad, the initial dialogue makes references to The Royal Papers already being completed.


  • Find and speak to Salma in the Temple of the Ages.
  • Return to Watchman Arad for your reward.



If you have unlocked Temple of the Ages already, map there and speak with Princess Salma. Otherwise, the outpost is a long walk from either Lion's Arch or Fisherman's Haven, where you picked up the quest.

From Fisherman's Haven

The travel from Fisherman's Haven to Temple of the Ages, requires the player to cross four explorable areas. The starting outpost provides level 15 henchmen and a party size of six. The whole journey may seem to be a long trip, but it is actually quite quick as there are only a few foes in the way in each area. The only instances that need careful engagement are where there are different types of creatures standing close together, and skale groups with a Grand Drake. Consider hex removal since the Bog Skales use numerous hexes.

From Lion's Arch

You will need to cross four separate areas: North Kryta Province, Nebo Terrace, the Cursed Lands, and the Black Curtain. You can reduce the length of your journey if you have Bergen Hot Springs unlocked, which allows you to skip North Kryta Province and parts of Nebo Terrace.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Watchman Arad
I've found something! An entry in the scribe's journal notes that the king often visited one of the priestesses in the Temple of the Ages. Later, the woman gave birth to a daughter named Salma, who was granted special dispensation from the royal treasury. The king always did take good care of his children, legitimate or not. This woman could be exactly who we are looking for. She has ties to the true gods as well as royal blood! I'm certain that the people would follow her if only she would consent to take the throne. You can travel light and quickly, <Player name>. While I make preparations to mobilize the Lionguard, you could go speak with her.
"Will you help me once again my friend?"
Yes Accept: "I will go to the Temple of the Ages."
No Decline: "I cannot become involved in this."
Ask Ask: "Please journey to the Temple of the Ages with all speed and speak to Salma."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

"Yes, I know about my heritage. My father...the king, was always very kind to me. But when the Charr attacked, he abandoned my mother, and all of the people of Kryta, in their hour of need. Now you want me to take his place? How can I know if I'll have the strength to lead where he did not? It's a difficult thing you ask of me, and I am uncertain.... Still, if I am the only hope for the Krytan people, then I must trust in myself. Tell Watchman Arad that I will meet with him. I will do what must be done."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Watchman Arad
"She will take the throne? This is excellent news, I will mobilize the Lionguard and prepare an escort for her. It will take much work, but Kryta will be reborn! I cannot thank you enough. If only others exhibited the same courage and honor as you, the White Mantle would have never gained control of Kryta."


Bug Bug.The quest marker will not appear on the radar while in explorable areas, except at The Black Curtain.