Fishermen's Haven

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Fishermen's Haven
Fisherman's Haven.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Region Kryta
Type Outpost
Party size 6
Exit(s) Stingray Strand
Fishermen´s Haven map.jpg
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This beautiful cove is said to be the home to the best fishing in all of Kryta. Legends tell of a time when the fish were so plentiful here that one had only to skim the surface with a net to take in the equivalent of a full day's catch from any other body of water. Whether the legends be true or not, Krytan fishermen, both professional and casual, can often be found on the shores of Fishermen's Haven.

— in-game description

Fishermen's Haven is an out of the way outpost north of Sanctum Cay. It offers a decent view of the Wizard's Tower.

Getting there[edit]

Quests available[edit]





Other allies[edit]


  • Complete exploration of this outpost adds less than 0.1% to the Tyrian Cartographer title.

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