The Royal Papers

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The Royal Papers
Section Kryta Quests
Campaign Prophecies
Given by Watchman Arad
in Fishermen's Haven
Type Secondary quest
The Royal Papers Map.jpg
Alernatively, leave from Sanctum Cay

Help Watchman Arad retrieve the Royal Scribe's Papers so that he may determine the rightful heir to the Krytan throne.

Quest information[edit]




Retrieve the royal scribe's papers by getting them out of a chest in Stingray Strand which is surrounded by a group of Tengu; you do not have to kill the guards. You can save some time by starting from Sanctum Cay, if you have unlocked that outpost. Be prepared for Skale, Inferno Imps, and the Tengu.





Initial dialogue[edit]

Watchman Arad
With the true nature of the White Mantle revealed, it is time to restore the Royal Family of Kryta to power. Unfortunately, the Royal Family was largely destroyed during the Charr invasions, and those who survived fled across the sea. The Royals, however, were known for, and it is likely that there are a few with royal blood in their veins who still live in Kryta. I had arranged for papers from the royal scribe to be brought to me that I might examine them and find a legitimate successor to the throne, but the caravan I sent for was plundered by the Tengu in Stingray Strand and the chest containing the papers was carried off.
Will you retrieve the royal scribe's papers for me?
Yes Accept: "I'll recover the papers."
No Decline: "Sounds like a Krytan problem."
Ask Ask: "The Tengu in Stingray Strand have the chest containing the royal scribe's papers. Please return them to me."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Watchman Arad
You retrieved the papers! Good work. I'll start examining these immediately.