Riverside Assassination

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Riverside Assassination
Section Kryta Quests
Storyline Beyond: War in Kryta
Prophecies and Eye of the North
Given by Princess Salma
in Lion's Arch Keep
Part of The War in Kryta
Preceded by Wanted: Inquisitor Bauer,
Wanted: Inquisitor Lashona,
and Wanted: Inquisitor Lovisa
Followed by A Little Help From Above
Type Secondary quest
Riverside Assassination.jpg
Boss Map
Riverside Assassination map.jpg
Frontal assault route

Kill Willem the Demeaning.

Quest information[edit]




Speak to Blade Operative Paulina (in Sanctum Cay) to get started; she will transport you via sea to Riverside Province. (Your transport vessel also serves as the only resurrection in the area; if you wipe, you will have to retrace your steps.)

Head north across the beach, killing the White Mantle opposing your progress. Beware of the Jade Cloaks who attack you from the safety of their towers; they can can be avoided by moving out of casting range.

Route 1: Frontal assault[edit]

Proceed south-west until you come to the passage heading off to the North. Before you attack the group in front of the gate, be sure to eliminate the two White Mantle who try to sneak up on you from the open ground. Head around the bend until you can see the main entrance to the Temple of the Unseen. Try to pull the Mantle and Jade mobs out of the Mursaat tower effect separately (the Jade all possess high armor ratings meaning they die slower than the rest and pose more of a risk). After you have killed the mobs in the entrance, kill the Ether Seal producing the Ether Tower effect. The tower will quickly reduce your energy level to zero, making it hard to attack or heal with spells. Alternatively, kill the mobs nearby and then run past the seal; its effect does not reach into the next room.

Continue across the courtyard to the gate, either pulling the White Mantle group or avoid them completely by using the Eastern side. Pull the Jade Bow, Cloak & Armor away from the mesmer boss. Finally kill Willem the Demeaning to complete the quest.

Route 2: Green gate[edit]

If you want to avoid the Ether Seal, you can take 30 extra minutes by going the long way around. Kill the two other bosses marked on the map, pick up their keys, then head for the green gate, which leads to your target.


In Riverside Province


Humans (Shining Blade)



Jade constructs


Humans (White Mantle)


Humans (White Mantle)





Initial dialogue[edit]

Princess Salma
"According to our agents, the vile Mursaat Willem the Demeaning arrived in Riverside Province, and has barricaded himself in the Temple of the Unseen. Boatloads of Mantle forces have arrived in the area over the past few days, which suggests they are planning something. Our men are tired and battered, and the mere sight of the Mantle's unholy false gods frightens our less valorous soldiers to the point of desertion. I need a small force to infiltrate the temple, and assassinate Willem before he can lead his forces into battle. We have an operative in Sanctum Cay named Paulina. She can get you into the province and has information on the temple's defenses. If you undertake this challenge, it will be fraught with danger; do not accept it lightly. The Mursaat are formidable foes, and Willem is sure to be heavily guarded."
Yes Accept: "I am prepared to do this. Willem's days of terrorizing the Krytan people are numbered."
No Decline: "You want me to march into a cult's temple and pick a fight with their god? Count me out!"
Ask Ask: "Make for Sanctum Cay, where Blade Operative Paulina will assist you in infiltrating the Temple of the Unseen in Riverside Province."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Blade Operative Paulina
"So, you're the happy volunteers, eh? Well, we best get moving if we are to arrive under the cover of night. Our boat would like to be as discrete [sic] as possible. It's a short trip, so I'll just brief you on the other side. Ready to go?"
Yes Let's do this! (sent to Riverside Province (explorable area))
No Oh, now? Let me get my rations, I'd hate to have a grumbly tummy while sneaking around.
Blade Operative Paulina
"Our spies have been monitoring the Mantle's patrols around the temple. They have noticed the forces are much lighter towards the back, where there is a door that leads directly into the heart of the temple. Unfortunately, the door is kept locked and requires two keys to open. Ven the Conservator and Degaz the Cynical each hold one of these keys. It's a bit of a trek to reach them, as they are both beyond the temple, on the west side of the province. Our other option is to run in the front door, swords swinging and wands a-blazing. Just keep in mind there are significantly more forces at the front of the temple."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Princess Salma
"Well done! You have dealt a serious blow to the White Mantle and their false gods! Our intelligence says that there are very few Mursaat left, so each one we are able to eliminate is a huge step towards victory against these oppressors. Once we've eradicated them all, those good Krytans with misplaced faith in the Mursaat will be freed and the healing can begin."


  • 15 seconds after killing Willem, the party will be returned to Sanctum Cay.
  • Frozen Soil can be helpful, to suppress the Mantle's hard resurrection skills (usually carried by at least one foe in each group).
  • You can take down the Ether Seal quickly by placing attack spirits just outside of its spell range.
  • Remember to switch back into normal mode; unlike the previous three assassinations, there are no extra rewards for completing the quest in hard mode.


  • The intermediate decline dialogue about a "grumbly tummy while sneaking" mimics a problem in the Metal Gear series, where a hungry character's grumbling stomach will alert the guards.