Siege Devourer (NPC)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the NPC found in the Charr Homelands. For other uses, see Siege Devourer (disambiguation).
Siege Devourer
Siege Devourer render.jpg
Affiliation Charr
Type Devourer
Level(s) 20 (20)
Campaign Eye of the North
Siege Devourer (creature) map.png
Location in Dalada Uplands

Siege Devourers are massive devourers used by the Charr as siege weapons. In addition to long range siege attacks, they possess strong melee combat skills. They can be usually found ridden by Charr Bladestorms. Unlike devourers, Siege Devourers are not fleshy.



Armor ratings[edit]

Armor ratings
Blunt damage 120 Piercing damage 120 Slashing damage 120
Cold damage 120 Earth damage 120 Fire damage 120 Lightning damage 120


You are able to mount the Siege Devourer and take control of it. Doing so will replace your skills with those to command the Siege Devourer.
Ask Yes (Siege Devourer uses Mount)
Unknown No


  • While controlling a Siege Devourer, players will be under the effect of Siege Devourer.
  • Once its health goes down to 20%, the Siege Devourer will turn friendly to the party, and the Charr Bladestorm controlling it will dismount to attack the party.
  • There are three spawn points where Siege Devourers can be found - the Dalada Uplands, the Grothmar Wardowns and Sacnoth Valley. You may continue to ride them upon zoning between explorables, and they will reset if you zone. Thus, a party can mount 8 siege devourers this way.
  • Pets will not join you in the Devourer. Bringing a pet and maxing Beast Mastery will thus increase your power.
  • If riding a Devourer when starting a mission, when the mission is completed you will still be riding it.
  • This creature has a miniature version.