Kathandrax's Crusher

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Kathandrax's Crusher
Section Depths of Tyria Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Swithin Nye
in Sacnoth Valley
(Depths of Tyria)
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest
Catacombs of Kathandrax Level 1.jpg
Catacombs of Kathandrax Level 2.jpg
Catacombs of Kathandrax Level 3.jpg
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Venture into the Catacombs of Kathandrax to find an ancient dwarven weapon.

Quest information[edit]




The main issues with this dungeon are the groups of Elementals, bring spell caster shutdown and spread out when facing them.

Level 1[edit]

Go north through the tunnel and head left through the flame traps, then proceed northwest. You need to kill the Infernal Siege Wurm in the trench for the Dungeon Key - casters and ranged attacks can reach it from the cliffs east of the wurm, but you will have to venture into the pit to pick up the key (be wary of flame traps). Head west for the dungeon gate and to the portal to level 2.

Level 2[edit]

Kill the southern Regent of Flame to obtain the Dungeon Key. The southern route is shorter and poses fewer problems for melee characters as there are fewer burning surfaces. After unlocking the gate be wary of the burrowing Infernal Wurm.

Level 3[edit]

If you kill the Becalmed Djinn then the spiders will patrol super-fast around the room, in addition to procuring at least one additional spider group. After clearing the spiders out, head for the gate - just as you reach the gate a Flame Djinn will appear.

Stand your group close to the Djinn when fighting it, as this will lower the damage inflicted by Consuming Flames (equip heroes with melee weapons) and also the amount the Djinn is healed by. Pain Inverter and knock downs are particularly effective. Unlock the gate with the key it drops. Carefully cross the Elemental infested area, heading left when in the room with the bridges and multiple Wurms.

After aggroing Ilsundur, Lord of Fire, 2 lava boulders will appear: One lava boulder travels clockwise around the inner perimeter and the other counterclockwise around the outer perimeter, so flag heroes not engaged in melee in between. Like other boulders they will instantly kill a player (but will not inflict death penalty).

Ilsundur, Lord of Fire[edit]

Ilsundur has no natural health regeneration, so he can be worn down with patience if you are having problems. Note that Ilsundur uses Firebomb, which forces heroes, henchmen and even pets to hold a bundle. AI controlled allies will drop it immediately and cause area of effect damage. If you find yourself holding it, you should drop it away from any allies. Also, be mindful of the two lava boulders previously described.

It is highly recommended that when the dungeon has been completed, you wait for the timer to finish counting down so that you will be transported to Sacnoth Valley where you can claim your reward from Swithin Nye.

Skill recommendations[edit]


Initial dialogue[edit]

Swithin Nye

"I was sent here with my company by Captain Langmar. It was our mission to recover Kathandrax's Crusher, a great Dwarven weapon. On our way to the caves, we were ambushed by an overwhelming Charr force. Their numbers were many and we suffered great losses. I should have died in battle with the others, but Captain Langmar made it clear that recovering the weapon was more important than anything. When all hope of victory was lost, I retreated with a few fighters left standing.
To bolster our remaining forces, I sent two men to summon reinforcements. They have not returned. The caves are infested with fire elementals and other terrible creatures. Our numbers are few; we no longer have the strength to reach the weapon. If you would take up arms and retrieve it, we will compensate you justly."
Yes Accept: "I will not let your hopes be crushed. I'm in."
No Decline: "I'm feeling a little crushed myself. I'm out."
Ask Ask: "Find Kathandrax's Crusher. It is hidden somewhere deep inside these caverns."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Swithin Nye
"You found it...Kathandrax's Crusher! I'll assign one of my men to return it to Captain Langmar immediately. Your victory here will not be forgotten, [Character Name]. I will personally make sure that Captain Langmar knows who is responsible for retrieving this most important artifact."


  • You do not have to complete the dungeon to finish this quest. If you already have the quest item you can obtain the reward directly. This is useful for Survivors.