Tekks's War

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Tekks's War
Section Depths of Tyria Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Tekks
in Sparkfly Swamp
(Depths of Tyria)
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest
Bogroot Growths route.jpg
Bogroot Growths Level 1.jpg
Bogroot Growths Level 2.jpg
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Traverse the Bogroot Growths and destroy Z'him Monns and the Gokir frogmen tribe

Quest information[edit]




Get this quest from Tekks in Sparkfly Swamp and cross the log to Bogroot Growths. Killing one of the two duelling frogmen in the entrance room will cause the initial dungeon gate to open. The first level of the dungeon consists of two groups of Red Gokir, one with a Boss, and a number of swarms of Blooming Nettles, Nettle Seedlings and Nettle Spores. The Gokirs are tenacious, but can be handled by separating the swarms into manageable groups. Avoid the nettles, as much as possible, but if forced to fight them, kill the spores first. That may allow your group to bypass the rooted nettles and seedlings.

This level also contains an exit into another dungeon in the Central Shiverpeaks, very close by the entrance.

The second level is populated with plants in the initial area, followed by appearances of Incubi. Beyond the second shrine the party will meet a snaking corridor of beetles. After the corridor the Gokir await. Walking to the right hand side of the room will trigger a boulder that will kill all of the Gokir in this room - when they are dead the door to the penultimate room will open. Killing the Gokir Patriach near the boss lock will provide the key required to open the door.

In in the final room, the dungeon boss Z'him Monns and the two Gokir Amini with him must be defeated to spawn the Bogroot Chest. It is recommended to pull away one of the groups of frogmen before pulling Z'him Monns.


Initial dialogue[edit]


"The caverns are a natural home for the Ophil tribe of yellow frogmen, but the Gokir tribe moved in recently as a result of some... ah... miscalculations during our last digging expedition. Unfortunately, the Ophil had been helping me map this region, but now this clan war is hindering any chance of progress. Without them I'll waste weeks of work mapping the area by hand. While this may be most unfortunate for the Gokir, you must help me out... no... help science out. Go destroy Z'him Monns, their leader. That should demoralize the Gokir tribe and drive them off to find a new home."
Yes Accept: "Giriff doesn't deserve my help. I'm for the yellow team!"
No Decline: "I think the yellow team is just fine without me."
Ask Ask: "Have you slain Z'him Monns, the Gokir leader?"

Reward dialogue[edit]

"Wonderful! Now I can continue my research unabated. Remind me to hire a new digger before I get started."


  • Upon activating this quest by speaking to Tekks, the quest Giriff's War will be reset. The same will count the other way around.
  • Due to the large amounts of corpses in Bogroot Growths dungeon, minion masters are useful.


  • Both Giriff and Tekks refer to characters from the Red vs. Blue, Grif and Tex. Grif is part of the "Red Team", while Tex is a freelancer who aligns with the "Blue Team". The targets of the quests are also named after characters from the same series, Simmons (Z'him Monns) of the red team and Caboose (Khabuus) of the blue team. A common thread throughout the series is the teams' mutual attempts to destroy each other, as reflected in this pair of quests.