Z'him Monns

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Z'him Monns
Z'him Monns.jpg
Affiliation Gokir
Type Heket
Profession Ritualist Ritualist
Level(s) 29 (32)
Campaign Eye of the North
Bogroot Growths route.jpg
Bogroot Growths from Gadd's Encampment
Bogroot Growths Level 1.jpg
Bogroot Growths Level 1
Bogroot Growths Level 2.jpg
Bogroot Growths Level 2

Z'him Monns is one of the two boss-like Heket foes that can be found at the end of the Bogroot Growths dungeon; he appears when Tekks's War is active.

This frogman is the leader of the red colored Gokir fighting a tribal war against the native yellow Ophil tribe. Giriff theorizes that Z'him's death would drive the Gokir away from the caves, ending the conflict.




16 Channeling Magic, 0 Restoration Magic (20 Restoration Magic in Hard mode)

Armor ratings[edit]

Armor ratings
Blunt damage 87 Piercing damage 87 Slashing damage 87
Cold damage 87 Earth damage 87 Fire damage 87 Lightning damage 87


  • When fighting Z'him Monns, spread out to avoid Spirit Rift, which deals aoe damage at spike levels.
    • For players using mainly heroes and henchmen, tilt the camera angle to a view that enables quick moves with the hero controls at the first sign of a Spirit Rift.
  • If possible, keep him dazed to prolong survivability.
  • The boss room consists of four separate groups, of which Z'him Monns and two Gokir Amini are part. Pull the remaining three groups one at a time to make it easier to confront the boss himself.
  • Defeating him completes Tekks's War and spawns a Bogroot Chest.