Giriff's War

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Giriff's War
Section Depths of Tyria Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Giriff
in Sparkfly Swamp
(Depths of Tyria)
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest
Bogroot Growths route.jpg
Bogroot Growths Level 1.jpg
Bogroot Growths Level 2.jpg
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Help Giriff fight the Gokir tribe in the Bogroot Growths.

Quest information[edit]


  • Inquire with Giriff about helping the red Gokir tribe.
  • Defeat Khabuus and his minions.
  • See Giriff for your reward.



Level 1[edit]

Upon entering, minion masters can make use of the frogmen corpses lying around. Rescue the Gokir from his duel with the yellow Ophil frog. Once the Ophil is dead, the Gokir will turn friendly and start to hop towards a gate. Simply follow them and help the Gokirs out. After clearing the first small cavern, the party can continue. The Gokir will not follow.

Nettle Spores, when aggroed, cast Spore Explosion transforming into a harmful plant. Therefore it is advisable either to run through the whole cavern or take the fights slowly, pulling a few at a time.

After clearing the cavern with plants, keep to the northern walls ending up amidst a Gokir war party. Upon arriving in their midst they start charging an Ophil party down the cavern hallway. Follow the Gokir until you reach a fork. Here the Gokir will stop, once again leaving your party.

Take the southern path, which leads to the stairs to the next level after fighting through a few more frogmen and plants. Beware of the poison traps while fighting. Once past the traps you enter another plant infested cavern. Running through is a good option here as most of the enemies are Spores, just watch out for the Fanged Ayahuascas.

Level 2[edit]

The first two caverns are plant infested. If your party is not strong enough, it is advised to run through, running from clearing to clearing to heal from the poison. In the second cavern, there are Incubi patrols - try not to aggro too many at once.

Beyond the Beacon of Droknar there is a corridor filled with beetles, which are quite easy to defeat as long as you don't over aggro.

In the third cavern there are a great deal of Ophils which seem to have captured a group of Gokir. Once you reach the shrine the gate opens to the Ophil Patriarch's room. He is surrounded by Gokir corpses, which can once again helps out your minion master. Upon slaying him, the patriarch drops a boss key.

Continue south fighting Ophils along the way and open the boss lock with your newly acquired key. Past the gate are three invisible traps in the corridor that inflict poison and crippled.


Khabuus is surrounded by 3 parties of Ophils along with his own bodyguard of 2 Amini. Careful pulling is effective if wanting to fight Khabuus last - but beware of Ophil Nahualli healing the lured foe and then causing the aggro of another group of frogmen. After killing Khabuus, a Bogroot Chest will appear, and the quest is completed. If you don't talk to Giriff to claim your reward before the timer runs out, you can get it once you are returned to Sparkfly Swamp, as he is close by.

Skill recommendations[edit]

  • There are plenty of corpses here for a minion master.
  • Consider bringing hex removal to counter the Ophil Tlamatini and Fanged Ayahuascas, who also interrupt.
  • Bring something to help counter the spike inflicted by Stormcloud Incubi, such as "I Am Unstoppable!".


Initial dialogue[edit]


The red Gokir frogmen were recently displaced from their natural homes due to that bumbling Tekks's fuzzy math! This normally wouldn't concern me, except I'm doing important research. I believe the freshly-secreted slime off a Gokir's back can be used to create a new fuel for my creation! To my dismay, they relocated to this cave, the traditional home of the yellow Ophil tribe. Now, some ridiculous tribal war has brought my research to a screeching halt. I couldn't care less about the beasties either way, but Gokir don't create slime once dead, and the day-old junk just won't do. So be a good little bookah and destroy the Ophil leader, Khabuus. Without a tribal leader, they should flee, giving me the chance to get back to work. I'll make it worth your while... what do you say?
Yes Accept: "Tekks isn't the girl for me. Count on me for the red team!"
No Decline: "No way! I know what frog slime is really for.."
Ask Ask: "Have you removed Khabuus from the equation yet?"

Reward dialogue[edit]


Excellent. This research will not only make me rich, it will be a boon to all humanity...if not frogmanity. Now, to find a Norn to go collect the slime.


  • Upon activating this quest by speaking to Giriff, the quest Tekks's War will be reset. The same will count the other way around.
Bug Bug.The two amphibians fighting at the very beginning of the dungeon might not die. In order to continue with the dungeon, you may need to rezone.
Bug Bug.On the first level, you might have to rezone numerous times because all of the amphibians are dead, thus you can't progress because the door doesn't open.


  • Both Giriff and Tekks refer to characters from the machinima series Red vs. Blue, Grif and Tex. Grif is part of the "Red Team", while Tex is a freelancer who aligns with the "Blue Team". The targets of the quests are also named after characters from the same series, Simmons (Z'him Monns) of the red team and Caboose (Khabuus) of the blue team. A common thread throughout the series is the teams' mutual attempts to destroy each other, as reflected in this pair of quests.